What Are The Benefits Of ERP Automation

We live in the 21st century, which is known as the age of automation! And in the age of automation, ignorance is a choice. Right from our watch to our phones and then to our smart TVs, pretty much everything is smart in today's era. In order to keep up with the matching trend, one can see a lot of innovations in various fields and even in our work places, the concept of management has come to a huge change.

From the early times where records would mean tons of books to the recent reforms such as the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Automation. Automating your ERP will allow a firm or an organization to operate efficiently. VisualCron is basically an essentiality when you are looking for mechanization, as it will promote a seamless operational environment, to increase efficiency.

The benefits of ERP system are immense, and when delivered with the proper focus, it can increase the efficiency of the overall system to a staggering height.

Some of the benefits of the Enterprise Resource Planning are as mentioned-

  • Universal Central Database

The existence of a central Database for all your records which can be easily managed by VisualCron, making life easy. All your information will be placed on a single system which can easily be accessed at the click of a button. It’s that easy.

  • Simple User Interface

VisualCron is highly user-friendly and can be used by anyone, which considerably reduces the overall time that was spent on looking after the entire set of books and records in an earlier date. This is the manual work that gets automated.

  • Better Implementation of the Workforce

The training and workforce orientation can be made a whole lot easier as the operations and working are unitary in nature and the overall look and feel of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are same throughout the systems and the firms. This is how efficiency goes up.

  • Protection of Data

Nowadays, hacking and all such stuff is carried out quite easily. So to protect any data breach, all of this is done. Since all the data is protected and singular in nature, duplication of data is highly unlikely and saves you and your firm from major threats to security.

VisualCron helps in bringing much-required peace at the workplace and can also help you monitor the operation of your company or organization. A good set up system can work for you in innumerable ways, ranging from business intelligence to cloud computing, and also from assisting in market surveys to enhancing the sales performance. VisualCron will help you get rid of the despondency that lies in the office as employees do the same work, again and again, each day, getting tired of it, so why not get the ERP do it for you! Place your order today!

5 Benefits Of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

When it comes to the right usage of economics, Robotic Process Automation or RPA has become the savior in various organizations. It’s really hard to work efficiently with resources to complete a task effectively at any workplace. VisualCron basically lessens the other tasks of human employees and helps them concentrate on their core business objectives. This can be the game changer for many organizations that want time efficient results with maximum benefits. Let's take a look on the benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how it makes one's task efficient and effective.

  1. Available at reasonable cost

VisualCron is available at a reasonable cost than any human employee. Robots are able to operate for 24/7 without any vacation as compared to the human employees. This can better be understood by a subtle example, if an organisation hires a human employee, the firm has to ensure his/her proper leaves and vacation in a span of one year but not in case of robots. If you have a robot which can deliver the visible results with efficiency. Opting for VisualCron means effective work at low cost.

  1. It Delivers quality result with accuracy

VisualCron provides upgraded services to processes that detects maximum human errors which ultimately results in increasing accuracy. You can depend on robots as they don’t get tired or bored with repetitive work. They are consistently performing their tasks without any break with accuracy. VisualCron is also beneficial in terms of completing the task at once with effective and quality results.

  1. It Multiplies Productivity

VisualCron simply allows humans to focus on their key areas in which they excel. This allows human to focus on client and customer interaction, relationship management etc. where humans have the ability to achieve the best and technology can’t be used.

  1. It increases Customer satisfaction

When it comes to growing the business, the key is to satisfy your customers. VisualCron enables quality work that ultimately leads to satisfied customers. The more satisfied a customer is, the more loyalty he can offer to a business.

  1. It is Flexible

VisualCron can be used in different types of industries. It has basically the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously without any error in limited time. An organization that strives to achieve the best results in this fast paced technology world, VisualCron is the ideal solution for them.


VisualCron is changing the way various businesses and business models run. Many financial analysts suggest that RPA is a technology that can help a business achieve effective results and a good customer base. If you want to know more about Robotic Process Automation, get in touch with us today!


How To Introduce Workflow Automation In Your Small Business

Business Automation is a holistic approach that businesses take to systematize their operations and processes using the latest technology and organizing personnel.

Today, advanced software systems have replaced the traditional data management and records that help in integrating all your applications.

VisualCron allows your company to keep control over your various problems, such as analytics, customer relationships, standardization, planning, sales, and development.

In order to make the best use of business automation, one must be aware of the latest trends in the respective industry.

A Quick History Of BPA (Business Process Automation)

When it comes to efficiency and productivity, Business Process Automation has changed the game of operations dramatically.

If you own a small business and don’t use business automation, you will not be able to cope with the emerging digital trends which save times, increase productivity and improve efficiency.

In past few years, there has been a lot of development in BPA. The latest workflow automation software is changing the ways a business runs. These modern technologies help small businesses to improve their brand’s visibility, standardization, and control.

How to introduce workflow automation in your small business

In order to keep up with the dynamic market, you must be aware of the latest automation processes that are changing the game of communications with the customers.

Introducing VisualCron into your business can help you in increasing efficiencies, more customers, and better profits.

There are many things that businesses need to keep in mind while introducing automation into their company culture.

Below are some of the factors that must be considered while creating effective workflow automation for your business:

  • Start off simple to avoid any haphazard condition during any automation process. Use your time and resources carefully to improve the company culture. By starting with something special, you will have a better knowledge of your business operations.
  • No one knows your company’s culture Allow your team to test and implement VisualCron solutions that are best for your business.
  • Understand the process to be automated completely. Evaluation of the data, processes, and operation must be performed effectively.
  • Be ready to wire everything up by taking a holistic approach in creating VisualCron automation solutions for different operations of your business.
  • Go slow and prioritize your work so that there will be no problem in executing these VisualCron automation solutions in the company. Automating workflow is not a child’s play and it needs a lot of efforts and up front work.
  • Prevent bugs by keeping high-quality control standards of the VisualCron automation process. These bugs can create boundary conditions in the middle of a process that sometimes become hard to resolve.

There has been a lot of discussion about the importance of Workflow Automation in the industry. Some business failed to improvise effective automation solutions because of the wrong approach. Creating workflow automation solutions considering the above-mentioned factors will definitely help you in increasing efficiency and productivity of your company. So, if you want to automate your business, make an order!


How Modern Batch Processing Is Beneficial To Your Business

It is the implementation of a series of job in an agenda on a computer with manual interventions. In simple terms it is a processing mode. In batch processing the inputs in the program is in batch inputs instead of single input.

The initial batch processing systems were developed in the days of punch cards and mainframes. The program was accessed on the punch cards and operators of system would have a batch of cards to feed into the computer. The modern batch processing softwares still involves the implementation of different processes but is more sophisticated and evolved.

Evolution in Batch Processing

Batch processing has evolved in past 20 years but still exists. Modern batch processing involves a tool called Modern Workload Automation and event-driven scheduling. The process starts running as soon as the resources are available. Therefore, in order to optimise the efficiency one needs batch Job Scheduling Software.

Why do you need Batch Processing Software?

  • Manual process does not ensures that the order is given on time or not. However, batch processing software does.
  • Without this software it is hard to verify whether the previous process is complete or not.
  • There is nothing new in looping scripts. Batch processing software makes the change of files very efficient. It is easy to know that the new files have arrived and the old files are changed.
  • Most of the time we are not aware that the server is available or not. But this software creates a dependency across servers.
  • This particular software can shift the time of processing the job to the hours when the computing resources are least busy.
  • Also, it avoids inactiveness in computing resources with constant supervision and intervention.
  • By keeping the overall rate of utilisation high, it saves the computer. Especially it works more efficient for expensive computing system.
  • It offers the system opportunity to prioritise the the different work. It ensures that the interactive and non-interactive works are done simultaneously.
  • The batch processing software only runs one system for many transactions instead of using many programs for different transactions.

Benefits of Modern Batch Processing systems

The contemporary batch processing systems have some essential features which should be must in a modern enterprise. For saving resources and time, it should be certain that the batch processing applications consist of monitors, dependencies and notification.

  • Monitors

The events which comes to your server and trigger the next in the process are looked by monitors. They also have the ability to detect new files that are made by another process. The batch processor needs monitors for errors and delays. These monitor capability should be included:

  1. Processes
  2. System availability
  3. Overruns, underruns and late starts
  4. Errors
  5. Files and directories
  6. Notification
  • Dependencies

As soon as any file or transaction has been done from the client’s side, the next step should be taken without any wait. The workload automation tool needs to be reconcilable with different processing systems to make sure dependencies with those different systems are well supported.

  • Notifications

In order to solve the problems on time the facility of notification should be installed in the system. Your Batch Scheduling Software should consist of these notification alerts:

  1. File events
  2. Server down
  3. Job failure
  4. Service or process down

A batch processing system can be efficiently applied. However, it is used best when it’s has a capability to deal with repeated and complex tasks. VisualCron is your best bet, when it comes to effective batch processing, so order your own automation system right away!


7 Ways How Your Business Will Benefit From Automation

Automation is a word often synonymous to high efficiency and productivity. For a Business to run successfully it is imperative for it to remain up to date with the current Tech Revolution. New Tax(es) being rolled out and the use of computers for everything, from Inventorying goods to filing Tax returns, make automation a necessity rather than an option. Business Automation means greater productivity, easier work and higher efficiency. Many businesses now are highly automated, and we give you 7 reasons for you to do the same!

1. Centric Relay of Information- Suppose you maintain your customer records on paper along with your employees, one day a call comes from your customer asking where his orders are. Now imagine having to look into that plethora of books of each of your employees and finally coming up with the answer! You probably understood that it is time consuming. Now imagine having all information on the computer and all you need to do is ask the customer’s name and behold, the entire customer history is before you!

2. Knowledge of all departments at once- From the inventory to the billing to the tax to the creative wing, imagine all that information being in front of you and you can look into their work anytime, anywhere. This ensures total control over how your office works and increases productivity considerably.

3. Greater accuracy in every work- In any case, some sort of Human error is bound to occur, now imagine the computer being there for help! It will prompt any numerical, grammatical or even sentence errors. These days softwares can do much more than just that. You will be sure of your accuracy once automated.

4. Giving a break from cumbersome jobs- Imagine making a bill. Everything from the TIN to the company name remains the same, just the commodity, price and customer name changes. Doing this again and again is monotonous, so why not have a programmable template for it? Just fill in the commodity name, customer name and you are good to go!

5. Make teams online- Without having to meet and discuss things many times face to face, making an online team is a faster and much better option. Discuss everything like you would and act upon that online!

6. Faster Customer Service- Imagine a customer wishing to return a product, he/she will have to call you on your phone many a times before you get the topic redressed, now imagine he being able to chat with you online and asking for a replacement. You can get the entire process relayed over to your courier service and you are set.

7. Reaching more prospective customers- When made automated, you can get social media plugins to do most of the advertisement work for you! At the click of a button, your company will be among the giants on that Facebook page! Imagine what it can do to your business!

So what are you waiting for? Get Automated today!

The Gap in Cloud Skill Increases the Need for Automation

The world today is experiencing changes in technology every single day. What was trending a decade ago is considered archaic today. This means for us to remain relevant especially in the workplace, we have to keep up with the changes in technology.

Companies are finding the use of cloud relevant and more profitable to the business. The need to move data to cloud and manage services from there is becoming a necessity for many companies whether big or small.

However, companies are experiencing a blackout in human capital. They lack a robust IT department that can handle the migration of data to cloud or even manage customers and the business once everything has been migrated to cloud.

This has become a common problem for many companies. It can result to massive losses due a workforce that lacks the necessary skills to operate services and manage clients on cloud.

Technology has, however, taken care of this headache. To combat the failures of human capital and an unskilled IT department, automation is the solution that your company needs. With automation, your company is going to reap the following benefits:

1. Data recovery

With automation, your company’s data is backed up and secured. This means that you can recover any data lost securely and within a short period of time. This will also help the company save money in terms of human capital to manage and backup your data. The system does not have to engage a human administrator to recover any lost data. This can be done automatically by the system once you adopt automation.

2. Flexibility

With automation you can scale up your business demands for bandwidth on a need case basis. This means that you do not have to invest on infrastructure that will not be optimally used by your company. Optimization means you only acquire bandwidth that is required by your company.

Once your company grows, you can incise the bandwidth. In case you are downsizing, you can equally reduce the bandwidth. This agility can give your business a competitive edge over your competitors

3. Automated software updates

Once you automate your business process, you no longer need to worry about checking on the systems. That is the power of adopting an automated system. The Automated System will take care of all your security updates. In case of the need for a system upgrade, it will occur flawlessly. This leaves you time to focus on more important aspects of the business.

4. Increased productivity

With an automated business, your team’s productivity will increase. This is because of the ease in sharing data and information among your team members effortlessly. Their productivity is also measured on a real time basis. Teams can exchange wok progress and share challenges experienced in executing projects. This fosters teamwork and enables departments to support each other.

5. Secure

An automated system can identify system users and authenticate any requests made to access the system. The system also allows the users access only within their work class according to an organization’s structure. In case the work class changes, amendments can be easily made to accommodate the new role.

The system can also track workflow and report any unutilized applications. With an automated system, an organization can keep a secure system by ensuring only authorized people have access to it.

6. Adherence to policies and procedures

Adoption of an automated system gives a company improved adherence to policies and procedures. Through automation, predication and consistency are possible. Using intelligent applications and devices, the system can avail solutions that are repetitive and consistent for every user within the same work class role.

Human errors are also eliminated in the system, making data processing accurate. It also makes auditing easy and improves monitoring and evaluation.

7. Cost effective

Automation reduces the need for human capital in a business. Though it does not entirely eliminate human capital, it reduces the need for human interaction by a great percentage. It replaces some of the roles that only humans can execute.

Resultantly, this reduces the recurrent expenditure of a company through wages and salaries, and in the long run, it increases the company’s profitability. The money channeled to cater for salaries and wages can be used to improve the infrastructure of the company and for expansion.

8. Bigger outreach

By adopting Cloud Automation, you can reach a wider network of people using a lean IT department. Through the use of intelligent apps, the system can flawlessly interact with more people and cover a wider geographical area.

As a result, marketing becomes easy and more profitable. The system can be tuned to contact people within a certain target area and send promotional messages to them. This is especially so in social media marketing. It helps you achieve your marketing goals within a small budget.

With this knowledge, automation is clearly the future of businesses. To ensure your business grows and is in line with changes in technology, automation can no longer be ignored.


Integrate Islands of Automation in a Bimodal Environment

Companies invest in technology due to increased growth and expansion. This is due to the need for better service delivery and an increased customer base. Integrating an old automation system to a new one may not be entirely easy and error free. Marrying the two systems of automation may not be easy to make them deliver the expected solutions without causing gaps.

This lack of a clear combination between the two systems creates a vacuum in the system. This integration island may result in data loss, errors and poor productivity. With this vacuum, your company may experience the following gray areas:

  1. Wrong entries

If you use an older system to enter a customer’s request and a different system to process the order, chances of capturing the wrong data or mixing it up are very high. With this mix up, deliveries may end up at the wrong address. This may cause you losses and customer complains. It could also cost you penalties and fines.

  1. Poor customer ratings

Failure to integrate the two automation systems could result to poor customer ratings. For instance, if you enter wrong delivery addresses for a consignment, you could end up delivering it to the wrong address. You could also send the wrong package to the wrong customer. This will in the end give your company a poor customer rating.

  1. Data loss

A vacuum in the system can result to data loss. When the two systems fail to merge seamlessly, the result can be disastrous. If you are dealing with financial records, a simple error in data can wipe the financial history of your customers. This would spell doom for both the company and the customers.

Imagine a customer visiting a financial institution to find out their account balance but they cannot be provided with the information due to loss of data. This would cause panic and distrust.

  1. Reputation

When gray areas in merging system affect the way business is run, a company is likely to suffer reputational risk. The company’s image will be affected and this can cause poor public image. If customers are always complaining about your company due to system related issues, the corporate image of the company is affected. This will affect the company’s bottom line in the long run and reduce profit margins. To avoid these hitches, proper integration of Automation Systems is crucial. This will make operations easy and fast.

  1. Poor productivity

Lack of proper system integration will result in redundancy and poor performance. This is caused by performing the same tasks manually and transferring the same data to the new system. The same role may also be performed by two different people at different levels. The end result is poor performance and low productivity. It can also result to frustrations in the workplace. This will create negative energy which is a recipe for poor performance.

  1. System vulnerability

Failure to seamlessly integrate the automation systems can leave your company exposed and vulnerable. A weak point within your system will be a perfect bleeding ground for cyber-attacks. When this happens, confidential company information will end up in the wrong hands. When integrating your systems, it is important to ensure all weak points are sealed. This ensures you have a robust system that can flawlessly deliver the needed solutions for you.

  1. Website Failure

The older type of system does not allow customer interaction and support. However, with the evolution of technology, companies are shifting towards versatile types of systems that can accommodate customer interactions. This means that a customer can log into the system and enjoy the services they are looking for in your company without the support of the company’s staff.

However, failure to integrate the new and the old automation system properly may create errors. A customer’s request may fail to go through, resulting to them visiting your offices or making endless calls in an attempt to complete the request. This negates the whole purpose of introducing the new system in the first place.

To ensure your integration of the old and new system is flawless and gives you the desired results, consulting established IT firms to support the migration and integration of your system will save you trouble and deliver the desired solutions.

How Is Automation Changing The Hospitality Industry

Automation has become a necessity for various businesses as it helps to eliminate human errors and time. Be it general automation, task scheduler, PowerShell automation or cloud automation, every industry is getting the benefits of using VisualCron’s automation for effective outcomes.

Of late, Automation has become an essential part of the hospitality industry and more and more hotels are embracing this technology to have a good impression in the business space. They believe that automating the hospitality industry can bring a better experience for the guests and provide meaningful conversations between guests, employees and the hotel management.

Automation in the hospitality industry can bring a lot of benefits and we have noted a few below.

  1. Automation helps better service to the guests

The hospitality industry works round the clock and the pressure on the employees are so much that often their work have some errors. The employees have to take the bookings, allot rooms, look after the guests and in this process often they tend to commit mistakes. Hence, the paper and pen work of the hotels should be replaced by automation where the employees can automate the booking and room allotment process and they can even use the task scheduler to set certain tasks by alloting the time.

  1. Automation helps better interaction with the guests

Good reviews means more business. It will not be possible to reply to all the good or even negative reviews quickly by the employees. Even there are instances when guests may have queries or complaints and they send mails. Acknowledgement is the key to have a good impression and if your mails are automated using VisualCron’s automation, then the business will earn a good name among the guests.

  1. Automation helps reduce costs

One of the primary goals of any business is to cut down costs. Automating a hotel business can help reduce cost and increase the ROI. App based request from guests can translate into more sales. Moreover,hiring more staffs means providing training which involves huge costs and additional payroll expenses too. By using automation you can provide more efficient error free services and make huge profits.

  1. Automation helps guest satisfaction

Automation can perform any task faster than manual labor. This in turn brings guest satisfaction. Guests can avail and order for any service through their smart devices and Cloud Automation will notify the employees with the requirements. This will help the staffs to provide the guest needs quickly.

VisualCron is your best automation partner!

If you own a hotel or have any other kind of business, automation is a must in today’s highly competitive market. This will help your employees set all the required pending tasks in Task Scheduler and focus on the other priorities that needs to be taken care of. You can also keep an eye on all the ongoings in your business with the help of cloud automation as you will have the access to all data anytime, anywhere. What are you waiting for? Request a free price quote today!

Business Automation : The Perfect Solution To Your Revenue Leakage Problem

Working with an inefficient and outdated financial system that is manual process doesn’t give you a clear picture of where exactly your revenue is going. Revenue leakage can easily impact your bottom line, stealing you of the new business opportunities due to lack of funding. This is where business automation comes into play. It is basically an organization transformation that aims to provide transparency and drive efficiency.

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What is Revenue Leakage ?

Revenue leakage is basically the potential or actual revenue lost through transactions or processes. You are not receiving this money because due to various ineffective and inefficient processes, the revenue is leaking that is rightfully yours. The core problem is not having the knowledge of its origin that you can understand and control through Business Automation.

Let’s take a look at the signs that indicates there is revenue leakage in your organization and its solutions:

Manually tracking employee expenses - The paper based expenses are hard to track as all the receipts must be kept, filled in a spreadsheet and then sent to the accounting department. Moreover, you have to monitor the employees to ensure that personal expenses are not included. With the help of VisualCron, you can automatically reconcile the expenses into accounting software. Furthermore, you can monitor and control unauthorized expenses.

No ROI from your current technology - Many businesses purchase a technology without knowing the business drive behind the decision. You need to have the knowledge of how it will help you achieve the goals, how will it integrate with the existing technology, its support and maintenance costs along with the type of technology your competitors are buying. At VisualCron, our team provides you complete support along with video tutorials to understand the technology better.

Outdated billing systems - Outdated practices basically hold your business back. Manually entering the payments and invoices also lead to errors and loss of revenue. If your customers and vendors doesn't pay you promptly, you are billing products and services at wrong prices, there are errors in contracts and you are spending too much time doing all this then your system is simple useless. VisualCron is an effective way of automating your billing system and making it productive.

Relying on manual time tracking - It is an extremely long and complicated process to manually track your employee hours. It is quite easy to miscalculate a date that flows between employees, finance department and supervisors. VisualCron provides you with automation services to get the right data within time.

Reasons behind not knowing it

Company culture - One of the main reason behind not knowing where the problem is, could be the competition between the departments. Working in isolation without supporting each other or not sharing the information plays a big role here.

Inefficiency - As you are manually doing the work and not using business automation, you are wasting your significant time, resources and manpower in repetitive tasks.

Disconnected - Using different systems that work independently prevent you from getting an overall view of your business.

So, take a look at your business processes and remove the areas or parts which are causing the revenue leakage. Business Automation is basically the answer to your problem, so if you want to automate your business, get a free price quote today!

The Gap in Cloud Skill Increases the Need for Automation

When it comes to choosing an automation service, there are a large number of options available out there. As everyone’s workflow and business is unique, choosing the best automation service provider is a taxing process. Moreover, the potential cost and time involved in evaluating the number of tools can be pretty overwhelming.

Automation is basically the technique of making a system or process operate automatically. It helps your business in maintaining quality and consistency, reducing the cost, improving the productivity, performance and reliability. Being a long term investment, automation is an important tool that every business needs to have in its arsenal.

So, when going for a company that provides automation services, how do you choose the best one for your business. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind, let’s take a look at them:

1. Check References

It may sound obvious to you but would be surprised to know that there are many people  that overlook this part. There are organizations that tout themselves advanced automation companies but doesn’t have much to offer you in terms of services. You need to know about their experience, expertize, customer testimonials, availability and maintenance of different tools and equipments.

2. Identify Your Needs

Another important step in choosing the right automation service is to conduct an inventory to ascertain which of the tasks can be automated. Make sure you also include the workflows that should be automated to make the operations more effective. Once you have identified all your needs, focus on finding a uniform solution according to your needs.

3. Seek Cohesiveness

With too many tools working, that too against each other, a number of businesses struggle with automation. You need to recognize that some automation tools, unintentionally can do more harm than any good. Make sure the tools you go for complement other systems and can be integrated with the existing ones. Avoid the ones that compete and can disrupt the flow of things.

4. Variety of Automation Tools

In order to automate your business effectively you need to integrate the automation process into your system. There is not one but many process to be automated that requires a variety of automated tools to be used such as cloud automation, task scheduler, powershell automation, encryption automation, Robotic Process Automation etc. So, when choosing an automation partner, make sure they will be able to provide all these tools and more.

5. Shop Around

Do your homework and shop around. Don’t go for one company that you get to know of. Do a proper research, look at their websites, ask them related questions, compare the services and cost before narrowing down your search to at least three companies. Then make a decision according to their success rate and if they would be able to meet your requirements.

This way you would be able to choose an automation service provider that is right for your business and can offer something substantial in the long run. If you want to get your business automated, get a free price quote right away!


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