Want to apply schedules between Jobs? VisualCron Triggers will take care of that.

With growing business needs, the demand for automation is rising. To manage the whole process of proper management and organization of work, what can be better than triggers, using which all tasks can be performed with ease. Whether it is logging in the operating system or automatic emailing, a task closure or performing a task between intervals, VisualCron triggers is the best option that you can choose from. It will help you to automate the task executions as per your needs.

What is a Trigger?

Triggers are basically rules which are customized to help you with your work by its automation feature. The whole process involves the collision of these customized rules with the algorithm structure of the software to help you enable a set of tasks. As the time of the listed task will come up, the execution will start on its own.

To put it in simple terms, suppose you need to download something after two hours and once the download is complete, you need to shut down the windows. But, after two hours you will not be present manually, hence you take the help of the trigger. By enlisting in it the tasks you want to perform after two hours, you continue working on other things. Exactly at the time which is set, the process of download will start automatically and the windows will shut down later.

Various Kinds of Triggers

There are various kinds of triggers that can help you get your work done at scheduled intervals.

File Triggers helps in monitoring the changes made i a file system and also has the feature of retrieving the entire folder later.

Task scheduler software makes life easy by enabling the user to schedule a task on a certain day at a certain time and even gives the option of putting up specific intervals.

The Process and Registry trigger also makes tasks easy for you by starting and stopping notifications of your system and can monitor a change in the registry values and keys respectively. The Registry trigger allows the user to access the changes remotely.

The Email trigger is very popular among users. With this it is possible to monitor a mailbox using protocol. With this trigger, various actions can be performed with the email. For example- to send an immediate automated email to the sender.

The RSS trigger lets the user to manage the RSS feed for change by accessing it remotely.

The cloud file trigger is often helpful for small as well as large enterprises. It helps to access and monitor files in various cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

The days for performing tasks on your windows manually are gone. It is the age of doing everything through automation, With VisualCron you will get the benefits of automation services on your windows. Do not worry if you do not have good programming skills. VisualCron automation, integration and task scheduling tool for windows is easy to use, making life and work simple.

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