Change log


8.4.0 [2018-11-07]

[FEATURE] WebClient: Mixed new features
[FEATURE] Server: Email Task->Added communication log to output when using Task debugging
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Trigger->Network change
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Email Trigger->Added optional forwarding
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Task CPU affinity->CPU usage on each Task can now be controlled through main settings of Task->Set affinity
[FEATURE] Client: Triggers->Added optional "auto description"
[FEATURE] Client: Connections->Added filtering
[FEATURE] Client/Server: File Trigger->Added folder exclusing mask
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Web service Task->Added security protocol selection
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Sharepoint Tasks->Added security protocol selection in the Connection
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Robot Task->Many improvements and new actions
[BUGFIX] Server: External DB logging fixes
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed issue with Test Job button
[BUGFIX] Server: Box->Fixed download issue
[BUGFIX] Server: Archive - Compress->Fixed issue with compressing folders
[BUGFIX] Server: Execute Task->Fixed a potential problem when checking if process is already running
[BUGFIX] Server: MFT Trigger->Fixed issue with MFT Trigger not Triggering in some situations
[BUGFIX] API: Fixed an issue with Trigger result Variables
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Sharepoint Tasks->Fixed various listing and download issues
[BUGFIX] Server: Slack Trigger->Fixed Text equals Condition
[BUGFIX] API: Fixed issue with Count occurencies Variable
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed a problem with adding/cloning Default flows
[BUGFIX] Server: PGP Tasks->Fixed Variable problem in password fields
[BUGFIX] Client: SAP->Fixed problem adding multiple steps of the same kind
[BUGFIX] Server: FTP Task->Fixed problem with deleting temp files (copy/move)
[BUGFIX] Server: FTP Task->Fixed problem with uploading locked files
[BUGFIX] Client: SQL Explorer->Fixed a problem showing tables for som MySQL versions
[BUGFIX] Server: Archive compress/decompress: Fixed issue aborting Task
[BUGFIX] Server: Web service API->Fixed certificate issue
[BUGFIX] Server: Slack - Send message: Fixed support for multi line
[BUGFIX] Server: MFT->Fixed issue with transferring 0 byte files
[BUGFIX] Server: Email Tasks->Fixed issues with date condition
[BUGFIX] Server: .NET Execute Task->Fixed problem stopping the Task
[BUGFIX] Client: Failed Jobs->Fixed "days back issue"
[BUGFIX] Client: Event log->Fixed wrong server name issue when connected to multiple machines
[BUGFIX] Server: REST API->Fixed issue with text output in REST API in some scenarios
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Tasks->Mixed IIS Tasks

8.3.6 [2018-08-13]

[FEATURE] Client/Server: WevDAV Tasks rebuilt for new component
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Telnet Task
[FEATURE] Client/Server: DB logging to any database (beta)
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed issue editng Job Variables in Notification
[BUGFIX] Server: SQL Task->Fixed SQL Job query issue
[BUGFIX] Server: Mail Tasks->Fixed missing Exchange EWS Connection support
[BUGFIX] Server: Kill task->Fixed a problem adding/editing Task
[BUGFIX] Server: Delete file(s) Task->Fixed issued with Secure delete
[BUGFIX] Server: Web macro Task->Better error handling
[BUGFIX] Server: SharePoint Task - Upload file(s)->Fixed # character in file name
[BUGFIX] Server: SharePoint Task - Upload file(s)->Fixed large file upload issue
[BUGFIX] Server: SharePoint Task->Fixed auth issue
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: SharePoint Task->Fixed FieldLookupValue issue
[BUGFIX] Server: Remote File Trigger->Moved treat unknown types as files to remote file filter
[BUGFIX] Server: Web service Task->Fixed a Variable translation issue on sub parameters
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro Task->Fixed proxy issue
[BUGFIX] Client/API: Fixed Job stats update issue in right click menu
[BUGFIX] Server: Image - Overlay Task->Fixed issue with writing to same file
[BUGFIX] Server: Flow->Fixed issue with Task flows when cloning Job. Goto Task was referenced wrong
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed issue with new password rules combined with AD logon
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed SysLog Task control issue
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed missing dll issue for Slack Task/Trigger
[BUGFIX] Client: Client events->Fixed issue with Update failed
[BUGFIX] Server: SCP->Fixed delete file(s) issue

8.3.5 [2018-06-05]

[FEATURE] Client/Server: Folders->Group your Jobs into folders
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Delete file(s) Task->Added Secure delete functionality
[FEATURE] Server: SFTP/SCP->Added debugging
[FEATURE] Server: Web macro Task->Added debugging
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added Azure Service Bus (through AMQP) Trigger and Send message Task for that
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added RabbitMQ (through AMQP) Trigger and Send message Task for that
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added password rules for authentication
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added HTTP Status Code result Variable
[FEATURE] Client/Server: SSH Connection->Added Terminal type selection
[FEATURE] Client/Server: SSH/SFTP Connection->Added MAC algorithm selection
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added Slack Trigger and Send message Task for that
[FEATURE] Client/Server: VMWare Tasks->Added new web service API (replacement for VIX) for VMWare Server Tasks
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Remote file Trigger->Added "Treat unknown types as files" option
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Cloud Task->New Sync file(s) Task
[BUGFIX] Server: Interactive logon->Handled LogOut event
[BUGFIX] Server: Office365->Fixed a missing dll
[BUGFIX] Server: Execute Task->Fixed memory leak (access denied)
[BUGFIX] Server: Web macro Task->Fixed issue with playing back List item selection
[BUGFIX] Server: SSH Task->Added non-zero exception and fixed so it fails on first <
[BUGFIX] Server: SSRS Task->Fixed use of Variables in parameters
[BUGFIX] Server: Web macro Task->Fixed issue with playing back radiobox item selection
[BUGFIX] Server: Azure - web*->Fixed Connection validation issue
[BUGFIX] Client: Delete XML Node->Fixed issue typing file name manually (to use Variables)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: SSH/SFTP Connection->Fixed issue with key exchange algorithm selection
[BUGFIX] Server: Print Task->Fixed issue printing specific page(s
[BUGFIX] Server: Rename file(s) Task->Fixed issue with long path
[BUGFIX] Server: Copy file(s) Task->Fixed a potential lock
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Email Trigger->Fixed folder selection tree
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Email Trigger->Fixed a potential problem with TLS security "Cannot create secure channel"
[BUGFIX] Server: SSH Task->Send text->Faster exit of Task
[BUGFIX] Server: HTTP Task->Fixed a problem with Variable translation in form parameters
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed FIPS compliance for some algorithms
[BUGFIX] Server: Web service Task->Fixed Windows authentication issue
[BUGFIX] Server: AD - Create group->Fixed error with creating right group type

8.3.4 [2018-03-09]

[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Office365 - Add calendar event(s)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Office365 - Get calendar event(s)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Office365 - Update calendar event(s)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Office365 - Delete calendar event(s)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Database - Sync table(s)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Trigger->Printer Trigger
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Azure - Update VM
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Azure - Create VM
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Azure - Start web site
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Azure - Stop web site
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Azure - Restart web site
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Azure - Remove web site
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Azure - Create web site
[FEATURE] Client: Improved SFTP - Brute force test
[FEATURE] Client/Server: SCP->Added support for public key authentication
[FEATURE] Client/Server: SSRS Task->Fixed support for multiple (array) parameters
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Email - Get header(s)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Email - Get message(s)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Email - Get single message
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Email - Delete single message
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Email - Delete message(s)
[BUGFIX] Server: Email Trigger->Fixed issue with some Email result Variables like AttachmentFolder, MailPath and MailFolder
[BUGFIX] Server: Events->Added missing Task Notification not found event
[BUGFIX] Server: Loop->Fixed a problem with wait loop values
[BUGFIX] Server: Amazon S3->Fixed problem with creating folders in Download Task
[BUGFIX] Server: Web macro Task->Changed default location for web engine to prevent problems with temp folder
[BUGFIX] Server: Variables->Fixed Job Variable reference issue when mixing Variables from different Jobs
[BUGFIX] Server: Get AD Object property Task->Fixed converting some specific date values
[BUGFIX] Client: Connections->Fixed filter to filter on Address too
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: SCP->Fixed folder creation for download
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: SCP->Fixed drag and drop for upload issue (wrong target folder and name)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: License->Fixed a license validation (maintenance expired + using latest possible version)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web service Task->Fixed issue with supporting older versions of server certificate
[BUGFIX] Server: Image - Crop->Fixed crop issue
[BUGFIX] Server: Logging->Improved cleanup by compacting database
[BUGFIX] Server: Jobs load/sync->Fixed issue when referencing to Task in Trigger (when Task not yet has been loaded)
[BUGFIX] Server: Web macro Task->Fixed issue aborting a running macro
[BUGFIX] Server: Web macro Task->Fixed compability issue on a web site
[BUGFIX] Server: XML - Sign->Added missing dll
[BUGFIX] Server: Task->OnError: Changed logic for 'Do not raise error'
[BUGFIX] Server: Remote File Trigger->Fixed issue using Variables in Download->Destination folder
[BUGFIX] Server: Loop->Added ability to abort loops faster

8.3.3 [2018-02-04]

[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->PDF - Add attachment(s)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->PDF - Get attachment(s)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->PDF - Delete attachment(s)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->PDF - Replace text
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->PDF - Search text
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->PDF - Insert pages
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Encrypt (asymmetric)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Decrypt (asymmetric)
[FEATURE] Server: PDF - Set field(s)->Added alternate ways of setting combobox (both text and number) and checkbox (both "true" and 1 and 0)
[FEATURE] Client: Web service/Assembly execute Task->Now supporting file selection for byte arrays
[FEATURE] Server: Server communication now requiring TLS 1.2
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Loop->Added milliseconds wait support
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Print Task->Added Auto orientation for PDF
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Client events->Added Notification failed event
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro Task->Fixed issue with downloading without Credential
[BUGFIX] Server: PDF - Split->Fixed some issues splitting at the right page
[BUGFIX] Server: PDF - Convert->Fixed error "Cannot access a closed data stream" when trying to convert JPG to PDF
[BUGFIX] Client: PDF - Encrypt->Fixed display of permissions
[BUGFIX] Server: PDF - Encrypt->Fixed error "Security handler is not bound to PDF document"
[BUGFIX] Server: PDF - Sign->Fixed image widget not showing in some scenarios
[BUGFIX] Server: PDF - Convert->Fixed locked file issue
[BUGFIX] Client: Client events->Fixed a problem with showing the "Job failed" event
[BUGFIX] Client: Remote file Trigger->Adding missing SCP Connection
[BUGFIX] Server: Web macro Task->Fixed issue with upload and Credentials
[BUGFIX] Server: Flow->Fixed false/positive error at Job/Task startup
[BUGFIX] Server: Web API->Fixed issue with server certificate
[BUGFIX] Client: Web service/Assembly execute Task->Fixed issue with "Empty" data type
[BUGFIX] Server: Kill process->Added functionality to prevent killing vital processes
[BUGFIX] Server: Print->Fixed issue with margins (fill paper) for PDF printing
[BUGFIX] Server: Base64 - Decode->Fixed an issue with decoding
[BUGFIX] Server: Login->Fixed a problem with AD logon and groups
[BUGFIX] Client: License status->Fixed some issues concerning update license status
[BUGFIX] Client: Main window->Fixed a problem with black flickering grid
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