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Change log


9.1.5 [2020-02-17]

[FEATURE] Client/Server: Robot Task->Fixed better grouping of keystrokes (VC-1048)
[FEATURE] Server: WebDAV->Fixed Upload output (VSPS-130)
[FEATURE] Server: Email Trigger->Added attachment name and path Variables (VC-1193)
[FEATURE] Server: Added ability to update global and Job object ids (VC-1174)
[FEATURE] Server: SharePoint->List items - added items to output (VSPS-137)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: SQL Task/Connection: Fixed license issue with Oracle (VC-1177)
[BUGFIX] Client: Export settings->Fixed null reference issue when lacking Certificate permissions (VC-1180)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro->Fixed playback issue (VC-1108)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro->Fixed object reference issue on checkbox selection (VC-1195)
[BUGFIX] Client: Web macro->Fixed slow Task opening (VC-1169)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro/Robot Task->Fixed realtime output (VC-1168)
[BUGFIX] Server: SQL Trigger->Fixed output null reference issue (VC-1183)
[BUGFIX] Server: Office macro->Changed to password hidden field for password field (VC-1186)
[BUGFIX] Client: Server settings->Fixed license issue when testing proxy settings (VC-1188)
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed license issue when VisualCron is installed in root directory of drive (VC-1173)
[BUGFIX] Client: Robot Task->Fixed OCR selection bug (VC-1170)
[BUGFIX] Server: Cloud->OneDrive upload fixed issue 'Index was outside the bounds of the array' (VSPS-134)
[BUGFIX] Server: Cloud->OneDrive upload fixed issue 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' (VSPS-132)
[BUGFIX] Server: SCP->Fixed upload error 'scp: error: unexpected filename' (VSPS-131)
[BUGFIX] Client: SQL Connection->Fixed save on close issue (VSPS-136/VC-1179)
[BUGFIX] Server: Sharepoint->Fixed root folder browsing issue (VSPS-135)
[BUGFIX] Server: Cloud Connection->Fixed issue with Task succeeding even if Connection was not existing (VSPS-133)
[BUGFIX] Server: MFT->Fixed permissions issue (VC-1185)
[BUGFIX] Server: Azure->Added missing dlls to installation (RM) (VC-1208)
[BUGFIX] Server: Connections->Fixed crash issue when lacking permissions when opening Connection (VC-1184)
[BUGFIX] Server: ForEach loop additional fix (VC-1007)
[BUGFIX] Server: Crystal reports->Fixed issue with Date Variable resolving (VC-1212)
[BUGFIX] Server: SQS Trigger->Fixed issues with collecting data (VC-1137)
[BUGFIX] Server: SQL Task->Fixed Oracle component license issue (VC-1218)
[BUGFIX] Client: On error->Exit code collection management->Fixed null reference issue when no Exit code collection was selected (VC-1220)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro->Fixed download issue (VC-1211)
[BUGFIX] WebClient: Web macro->Fixed persistence of Server Connections (VC-1213)
[BUGFIX] Server: Task repository->Fixed an issue with .NET code execution (VC-1223)
[BUGFIX] Server: Assembly Execute Task->Fixed issue refreshing assembly (VC-1224)

9.1.0 [2020-01-21]

[FEATURE] Client/Server: Tasks->Auto scrolling to node in Task->Main settings->treeview (VC-917)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: SFTP/FTP/Cloud->Triggers and Tasks->Download->Added download destination file mask (VSPS-57)
[FEATURE] Client: SQL Connections->Added group support (VSPS-113)
[FEATURE] Client: SQL Connections->Title add/edit support in window (VSPS-110)
[FEATURE] Client: Connection Explorer->Realtime updates an Connection delete addition (VSPS-109)
[FEATURE] Client: Connection Explorer->Auto selection of Connection from Manage Connections (VC-1050)
[FEATURE] Client: External logging->Added tables recreation/dropping (VC-1029)
[FEATURE] Client: Export/Import settings->Group filtering (VC-1025)
[FEATURE] Client: Conditions->Added search filter (VC-1037)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Various components updated (VC-1065,VC-1054)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Add Connection->Added test buttons for various protocols (VSPS-114)
[FEATURE] Client: PowerShell Task->Moved parameters to tab (VC-1023)
[FEATURE] Client: EC2 Tasks->Added proxy support (VC-771)
[FEATURE] Client: Web macro->Added runtime output details when testing in Client (VC-925)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Web macro->Update previews at playback (VC-1067,VC-1077)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Web macro->Added "Save as PDF" step (VC-1008)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Web macro->Added Conditional features (VC-1048)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Web macro->Update to Chromium version 77
[FEATURE] Client: Triggers->Increased max polling interval to 9999999 (VC-1131)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Excel->Set cell->Add option to clear worksheet before starting (VC-1166)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Slack Trigger->Added reconnection options on failure (VC-864)
[BUGFIX] Server: XML->Edit node Task->Fixed Credential issue (VC-1046)
[BUGFIX] Server: Server settings->AD test->Fixed 'Length cannot be less than zero' issue (VC-1049)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: SharePoint->Fixed issue with upload of large files (VSPS-115)
[BUGFIX] Server: SSIS Tasks->Fixed missing VisualCronAPI.dll file (VC-1063)
[BUGFIX] Client: New registry setting was created for V9 to not conflict with side by side V8 (VC-1069)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Notifications->Various fixed to log window and logging functionality related to Flow (VC-1074)
[BUGFIX] Client: Web macro->Fixed null reference error during record (could not find frame) (VC-1070)
[BUGFIX] Client: Web macro->Fixed hide password issue (VC-987)
[BUGFIX] Client: Web macro->Fixed "choppy" update of step (VC-1071)
[BUGFIX] Client: Web macro->Fixed re-record append sequence issue (VC-1072)
[BUGFIX] Client: Web macro->Fixed issue going to next step from populate Task to fast (VC-1073)
[BUGFIX] Client: Web macro->Fixed issue properties in upload/download path not updated after change (VC-973)
[BUGFIX] Server: Web macro->Fixed a memory leak (VC-1079)
[BUGFIX] Server: Web macro->Click crash (VC-1083,VC-1084)
[BUGFIX] Client: Web macro->Fixed double click / right click issues in Steps (VC-914)
[BUGFIX] Client: Web macro->Fixed populate password issue (shown in cleartext) and related Enter step (VC-1111,VC-1113)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro->Fixed issue with screenshot action (VC-1079)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro->Fixed issue loading plugins like Flash (VC-1117)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro->No download folder ccould result in hang (rather than failure) (VC-740)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro->Fixed Download/Upload properties editing (VC-928)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro->Fixed web auth null issue (VC-1152)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro->Fixed blank steps listing issue (VC-1148)
[BUGFIX] Server: Output->Handled potential hang of Execute Tasks (VC-657,VC-1082)
[BUGFIX] Server: Handled exception related to retrieving thread CPU usage (VC-1091)
[BUGFIX] Client: Cloud->Fixed folder selection issue (VSPS-116)
[BUGFIX] Client: Certificates->Fixed a license issue exporting Certificates (VC-1103)
[BUGFIX] Client: .NET Code Task->Only some dlls are listed fix + more detailed listing (VC-921)
[BUGFIX] Server: File Trigger->Fixed retry issue on failure (at startup) (VC-1104)
[BUGFIX] Client: Task history->Fixed realtime update issue (VC-1105)
[BUGFIX] Server: SQL Task->Fixed outputting date data type as date and not datetime (VC-1106)
[BUGFIX] Server: Image Tasks->Fixed issue with image rotate on tif image with many pages (VC-1101)
[BUGFIX] Server: Now checking for free diskspace before trying to save Jobs, minimum of 50MB is currently required (VC-1114)
[BUGFIX] Server: Web API->Fixed object reference issue when Variables parameter was not supplied for Run method (VC-1116)
[BUGFIX] API: Adapted some methods to fit ASP.NET Core 3.1 - still 3.1 is not fully supported (VC-1115)
[BUGFIX] Client: Conditions->Fixed read permissions (VC-1124)
[BUGFIX] Server: Increased max allowed time for PowerShell, .NET, SSISDB Tasks (VC-1126)
[BUGFIX] Server: SSIS Task->Fixed decryption of parameters in 2017 version of this Task (Array cannot be null) (VC-1127)
[BUGFIX] Client: Notifications->Fixed read permissions (VC-1132)
[BUGFIX] Server: Email Trigger->Fixed problem with MailFolder Variable when only saving attachment and not email (VC-1130)
[BUGFIX] Server: Cloud Tasks->Fixed better cancellation of Tasks (VSPS-119)
[BUGFIX] Client: Robot Task->Fixed issue with OCR crashing (VC-892)
[BUGFIX] Server: Cloud Tasks->Adder more detailed Amazon loggging (VSPS-123)
[BUGFIX] Server: Telegram->Fixed proxy issue (VC-1125)
[BUGFIX] Server: IM/XMPP/Jabber Task fixes for Openfire (VC-952)
[BUGFIX] Client: Connections->Fixed null reference error when authentication failed (VC-1146)
[BUGFIX] Client: Connection Explorer->Fixed issue with close button and refresh of names on update (VSPS-126)
[BUGFIX] Client: Flow chart->Fixed multi page print issue (VC-905)
[BUGFIX] Server: Telegram Task->Added support for HTTP proxy (VC-1125)
[BUGFIX] Server: Archive - Extract->Fixed folder creation issue (VC-1153)
[BUGFIX] Server: Archive - Extract->Fixed issue extracting newer versions of RAR (VC-1129)
[BUGFIX] Client: File Explorer->Fixed "Illegal characters in path" error (VC-1165)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Variables->Fixed issues with a LOGIC Variable (VC-1167)
[BUGFIX] Client: Permissions->Fixed permissions for SQL Connection and Task manager (VC-1172)

9.0.0 [2019-11-26]

[FEATURE] Client/Server: Protocol change->Due to many security changes you can no longer connect to older versions or connect with older Clients to this version. If you want to downgrade to older version without loading settings from an older backup
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Upgraded to .NET 4.8 (VC-602)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Archive Compress->Added new Credential option to be able to store archive on network share. If you relied on Credential of content please use the same Credential (if using the same share) (VC-811)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Active Directory->Added test button (VC-531/VC-608)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Slack - send messages->Added support for attachments (VC-789)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Job/Task log->Added database output search (VC-693)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: SQL Task->Support for Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora (VSPS-76)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Web macro Task->Upgraded UI for more complex logic (VC-695)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Robot Task->Upgraded UI for more complex logic (VC-695)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Updated general encryption security to AES-256 (VC-704)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: General Web Client updates
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Web API->Added ability to run Job with Job Variables set (VC-667)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Logs->Added all Job log search based on date interval (VC-889)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Tasks for Amazon DynamoDB (VC-636)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Settings->Import/Export->Added filter on name (VC-890)
[FEATURE] Client: Server manager/Main window->Added computer name (VC-932)
[FEATURE] Client: Connection Explorer/Remote file/folder browser->Improved threading for better UI experience (VSPS-83)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Variables->Added Variable for printing special characters {STRING(Print|line1\nline2)} (VSPS-101)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Powershell->Added command support to be able to set Execution Policy and other (VC-882)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Box transfer optimizations (VSPS-82,VSPS-83)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Local/Remote file filters->Added better date validation and showed accepted server format (VC-959)
[FEATURE] Server: Exit codes->Auto adding not found exit codes (VC-947)
[FEATURE] Client: Performance increase in main window when connecting/listing (getting full username) (VC-963)
[FEATURE] Server: Performance increase in Server process polling (VC-946)
[FEATURE] Client: Added setting to allow multiple Client instances on the same Server (VC-936)
[FEATURE] Client: Performance increase in Connection Explorer/remote folder browser (VSPS-83,VSPS-99)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Sharepoint/Cloud->Added result Variables (VSPS-95)
[FEATURE] Client: Performance increase startup (VC-998)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Powershell Task now support typed parameters (VC-898)
[FEATURE] Client: Triggers->Added Copy Trigger Id from Trigger to clipboard (VC-954)
[FEATURE] Client: Mixed GUI updates (VC-1035,VC-1031)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Dynamics CRM->Added Connection test (VC-1005)
[FEATURE] Client: Auto selection/scroll to when clicking on Manage buttons for Notifications, Credentials and Connections (VC-918)
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed issue with farsi language display (VC-802)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: .NET Code Task->Fixed various issues refreshing, run and dll selection (VC-819)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Excel Create/Set->Fixed issue with Date formatting (VC-803,VC-856)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Log off Task->Fixed issue running Task on Windows 2016 (VC-831)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: MFT->Variable fixes for Download/Upload path and file name (VC-580)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: FTP/SFTP->Fixed List folders action and some GUI related stuff (VSPS-81)
[BUGFIX] Server: System - Restart Task->Fixed issue rebooting with no Credential (VSPS-93)
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed a memory leak that appeared in VMWare systems related to Active Directory (VC-752)
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed deselect all issue in Job permissions (VC-853)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web service Task->Fixed array parameter issue (VC-852)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Excel - Recalculate->Fixed issue with xls files (VC-673)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Certificates manager->Fixed right click issue (VC-861)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Audit log->Versions->Fixed Task N/A issue (VC-834)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: File filter->Fixed count issue when there was access problems (VC-833)
[BUGFIX] Client: Trigger->Fixed issue with UI issue and "Run delay" option (VC-866)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Sync files Task->Added support for one-way synchronization and made some changes to the propagate deletion function (VC-722)
[BUGFIX] Server: Tasks with sub exe (like SSISB) did not include all error output (VC-867)
[BUGFIX] Server: AMPQ Connection->Fixed issues related to Connections settings (port save and auth warning) (VC-862)
[BUGFIX] Server: Remote File Trigger->Fixed issue with download hwne using option "Save files relative to destination source path" (VSPS-80)
[BUGFIX] Server: SSISDB Task->Fixed a folder refresh issue (VC-872)
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed an issue clicking on link in output (VC-859)
[BUGFIX] Server: SSIS Task->Fixed Credential validation issue (VC-874)
[BUGFIX] Server: Excel Create->Fixed performance issue when writing to Excel file (VC-885)
[BUGFIX] Server: Sharepoint Delete->Fixed null reference exception on Connection Id (VC-886)
[BUGFIX] Server: Logging->Fixed issue with cleaning up external database according to cleanup rules (VC-883)
[BUGFIX] Server: Office Macro Task->Fixed error handling for non existing file (VC-869)
[BUGFIX] Server: Sharepoint->Fixed issues downloading files with # character in it (VSPS-89)
[BUGFIX] Client: Remote folder browser->Fixed tooltip (VSPS-88)
[BUGFIX] Client: Box->Fixed issues with Test files tab not working properly (VSPS-82)
[BUGFIX] Server: FTP/SFTP Upload->Fixed multiple upload items "On error" handling to be able to ignore "No files found" (VSPS-86)
[BUGFIX] Server: Web macro Task->Fixed "Uncaught ReferenceError" (VSPS-899)
[BUGFIX] Server: VCCommand.exe->Fixed remote connection issue (VC-854,VC-855)
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed non working date Variables in date filter i.e. {TASK(Active|LastExited|dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm)} (VC-913)
[BUGFIX] Server: SFTP->Added more clear error when preserving dates on upload fails (VSPS-96)
[BUGFIX] Server: Flow->Notifications - fixed possible duplicate Notifications when using 'On complete' events (VSPS-97)
[BUGFIX] Server: .NET Code Task->Fixed assembly load issue (cannot find the file specified) (VC-901)
[BUGFIX] API: License->Fixed license issue (switching from Pro to Basic) (VC-922)
[BUGFIX] Installer: Killed other instances of PreInstaller (preventing installation) (VC-930)
[BUGFIX] Server: MFT->Fixed folder permission issues (VC-896)
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed "Credential not found" issue when running Task manually (in a loop) and exiting (VC-940)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: SFTP->Fixed a possible cause for error 96273 (VC-894,VC-953,VSPS-98)
[BUGFIX] Client: SFTP->Fixed a possible cause for error 96273 (VC-894,VC-953,VSPS-98)
[BUGFIX] Client: Permissions->Fixed Trigger permissions (menu) (VC-929)
[BUGFIX] Server: SFTP/SCP Task/Trigger->Failed to download System.ArgumentException: String cannot be of zero length (VSPS-102)
[BUGFIX] Server: Remote file Trigger->Fixed stack overflow crash related to many subsequent connection failures (VC-893)
[BUGFIX] API: Web API->Fixed certificate issue when using HTTPS (VC-875)
[BUGFIX] Client: Remote folder browser->Fixed empty path issue on non-existing predefined folder (VSPS-100)
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed a translation bug in main window right click menu (VC-839)
[BUGFIX] Client: Manage Server Connections->Handled empty hostname issue (VC-976)
[BUGFIX] Client: Variables->Fixed usage of Variables in Connection Explorer/Remote folder/file browser (VC-1000)
[BUGFIX] Server: Execute Task->Fixed problems showing error output when file was not found (VC-1002)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Variables->Fixed issue using User Variables in File filter (VC-1003)
[BUGFIX] Server: Loops->Fixed value "1" added to CurrentXValue when originating from Go to Task in Flow (VC-1007)
[BUGFIX] Server: Sync file(s)->Fixed issue with with sync when file is deleted in source (VC-943)
[BUGFIX] Server: PrevTask value issue in long running event for Notification (from Task) (VC-1013)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: WebDAV->Fixed connection issue for uncommon responses (VSPS-104)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: WebDAV->Fixed issue not uploading full folder structure (VSPS-106)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: WebDAV->Download->Fixed issue with destination folder Variable not resolved (VSPS-107)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web service Task->Fixed issue using a Variable in url (VC-978)
[BUGFIX] Server: SQL Trigger->Fixed issue when trying to deactivate Trigger when in retry mode (on error) (VC-1016)
[BUGFIX] Server: Assembly execute/Web service->Too long time loading dll issue (VC-977)
[BUGFIX] Server: Web service->Web service refresh crash issue (VC-971)
[BUGFIX] Server: Sharepoint upload issue->PropertyOrFieldNotInitializedException (VSPS-108)
[BUGFIX] Server: Email Task->Get/Delete messages/headers - fixed unread/read filter (VC-1027)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Excel Create->Fixed erroring out if no file is found (VC-860)
[BUGFIX] Server: Copy files Task->Fixed a potential issue when copying very large files (VC-950)
[BUGFIX] Client: Cloning Job from other Server resulted in wrong JobId in Stats class (VC-1033)
[BUGFIX] Server: Amazon S3->Fixed issue with file upload/download when requests are handled by cluster of servers (VS-PS-112)
[BUGFIX] Client: Output window->Fixed some issues related to resolving links (VC-1038)

8.5.5 [2019-08-28]

[FEATURE] Client/Server: Web service Task->Added SOAP Body discovery and execution option
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Web service Task->Added support for using Variables in date fields
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Performance fixes
[FEATURE] Client: Connection Explorer->Improved dragn drop support
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Password rules->New expiration features added
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Oracle->Addes support for stored procedures retrieval and execution (within packages)
[FEATURE] Server: Archive - Compress->Added option "Always create archive" - when checked an empty archive will be created no matter if files are not found
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Cloud Tasks->Implemented Move/Copy actions
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Cloud->Added overwrite options
[BUGFIX] Server: Conditions->Fixed issue cleaning up duplicate Conditions in a Condition set
[BUGFIX] Server: Telegram->Fixed dll issue for Telegram Bot option
[BUGFIX] Server: Azure->Fixed dll issue for Azure virtual machines refresh
[BUGFIX] Server: Crystal reports->Fixed null reference issue when loading parameters
[BUGFIX] Server: Copy files Task->Fixed issue copying from root path
[BUGFIX] Client: Permissions->Fixed problems opening Time exceptions, Connections and Conditions with Read permission
[BUGFIX] Server: .NET Code Task->Fixed issue with delete of temporary files
[BUGFIX] Server: Archive - Compress->Fixed issues with content filters
[BUGFIX] Server: Email Trigger->Fixed problems finding folder
[BUGFIX] Server: Microsoft Teams->Fixed dll reference issue
[BUGFIX] Server: Set folder permissions->Fixed use of Credential
[BUGFIX] Server: Email->Get messages->Fixed problem with Read filter when using Exchange EWS
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Licensing->Fixed an issue with extending trial (sync dates between Client and Server)
[BUGFIX] Server: Copy files Task->Fixed deletion of empty sub folders option
[BUGFIX] Server: PGP - Decrypt->Fixed destination file mask renaming issue
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Firewall buttons->Fixed problems changing/identifying firewall settings
[BUGFIX] Server: Archive - Compress->Fixed issue compressing 7z archive with files from network share
[BUGFIX] Server: SFTP - Upload->Fixed problem with output when uploading from different sources
[BUGFIX] Server: File write->When not using Append we added an empty row - that has been fixed
[BUGFIX] Client: GANTT chart->Improved form load speed and experience
[BUGFIX] API/Server: Fixed some trial/pro license issues

8.5.4 [2019-07-31]

[FEATURE] Client: Performance fixes in main grid (filter)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Performance fixes for large number of Jobs (Use compression in server connection)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: MFT settings->Various improvements in settings
[FEATURE] Client/Server: PGP->Export keys now supporting newer format of OpenPGP standard
[FEATURE] Client: Credentials->Added warnings for incorrect usage
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Variables->Added quarter Variable
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Job/Task Control Task->Fixed issue with permissions and Variables
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: MFT Trigger->Various variable fixes
[BUGFIX] Server: WebDAV Download->Handled issue with migrating old Task
[BUGFIX] Client: Grid->Fixed black flashing and row updating issues
[BUGFIX] Server: SSISDB Task->Fixed refresh issue
[BUGFIX] Server: Archive Compress Task->Fixed issue with 0 sized package
[BUGFIX] Server: Assembly Execute Task->Fixed issue returning output and result
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro Task->Handled a specific javascript issue (find button)
[BUGFIX] Server: Sharepoint Task->Added debugging
[BUGFIX] Server: Web macro->Fixed issue with resolving Variable in printer name
[BUGFIX] Client: SQL Task->Fixed issue refreshing stored procedures when creating Task Notification
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Telegram Task->Fixed handling of authentication issue
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Copy files Task->Fixed issue using wildcard in folder name
[BUGFIX] Client: Copy files Task->Fixed scanning servers crash
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