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First I want to thank everyone (anyone) who takes a moment to read my post and respond with any info they may have.

I am new to VisualCron and chances are it is WAY overkill for what I am looking to do...but it seems to be the only thing I have found to do it.

I am looking to fill out a form (or multiple forms) online and submit it on a daily basis. If there was a way to automate the process and schedule it to do it at the same time every would save me a ton of time.

I am guessing it will either be a desktop macro or HTTP task, but am really unsure at this point.

I would like to apologize for just how green I am when it comes to this stuff...but I am a quick learner...especially with examples to work with and deconstruct.

Thanks again for any help you can provide.

Hi Scott,

Welcome to the forum!

In VC there is a HTTP task inwhere you can do a PUT/GET/POST action. And you can provide parameters for this action.

VC Manual wrote:

Optional. Enter all your parameters here. Leave out all "?". Just type myname=John and if you have
more than one variable, separate them by "&" like this: firstname=John&lastname=Doe.

Is the website where you have to fill in the forms behind a secure login?
This could be more tricky then..

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  •  Scott
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Thank you for taking the time to reply, it is appreciated.

The form that are needs to be filled in is not behind any sort of login. To be honest the form is for a contest submission. I am looking to try to automate the process (just to see if it can be done).

I'm not cheating...really, I'm not :o)

It's more of a proof of concept thing.

Are there any 'simple' tutorials out there geared towards beginners? Like I said, I am pretty good at learning by watching or reverse engineering something...I just need a starting point.

Thanks again for the help.

Hi Scott,

there are basically two ways to accomplish this. The hard AND safe way is to use the HTTP Task just like Erik described. It may not be user friendly as you have to go to the page and examine parameters.

The alternate method is to use the Desktop macro Task which records mouse moves and key strokes, however, this is more error prone than the HTTP Task.

We have no documentation about this because this is more related to how the HTTP protocol works with GET and POST. We provide the tool to accomplish this, to send any information using GET and POST but the work that needs to be investigate by you is which parameters (the actual names in the HTML form) and where to post (the url) and maybe, what values are accepted.

If the registration is multi page registration you might run into other problems like that it requires some value from previous post - this is all up to the creator of the web page.
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