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Hi, I am trying to create a "Shutdown/Startup" order and I cannot see by the variables how I can do so. I would like to shutdown several machines in the same job with a 15 second delay between each one, then wait 5 minutes and start them all backup in in reverse order with a 15 minute delay between each one.

How do I accomplish this task?

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Hi Mike,

With the startup of a system you could use the 'wake up on LAN' task, and the shutdown with the 'shutdown' task.
You can create several tasks for this. Every system has a shutdown task and a wakeup on LAN task and between them you could use the 'wait' task.

You could also have two text files with the server names to shutdown and the MAC addresses for the servers to wake up again. Than you can use two loops to shutdown and to wake systems up again. You can set a sleep time in each itteration.

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