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Does anyone know a way to run a sql script file from a sql task? FYI, the database I connect to is Oracle 11 and the version of Visual Cron is 5.6.2.

I know that I can copy and paste the contents of the sql file into the Sql text query area of the task, and likewise, I know that I could copy the sql commands into a stored procedure. It's just that I would rather leave the sql on the file system (under version control) and I don't particularly want lots of stored procedures in the database. I realise that I could also run a sqlplus command but that doesn't seem ideal.

Many thanks in advance,

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If the folder is shared across the network you can use the File read Task and read the script and then use the output Variable for that Task in the SQL Text field.
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Thanks Henrik.

I tried that and unfortunately it doesn't work because the semi-colon terminator in Oracle isn't liked by the VisualCron ADO driver and therefore all the scripts would need to change. Therefore I think that stored procedures would be the best option.

Thanks again,

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