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Hi support

I have a problem with a job I have created and the insertion of tasks.

The job is pretty extensive and has 60 tasks, the majority of which are assigning values to variables. The job's workflow is:

1. Read a delimited file with 40 '|' delimited fields and multiple records
2. For each record, do the following:
a. In a ForEach Loop, assign 40 variables
b. Issue an SQL statement to update a Postges database record with the 40 variables
3. Iterate through the loop for the next record

In total, there are currently 60 tasks in the job, so it is quite unwieldy, however if I add another task, and try to reposition it to appear elsewhere in the job, the Order is wrong.

The two screenshots show a new task added which is inserted at the end of the job (pos 61). I change the 'Change Task Order' spinner to position '2' and press enter, the task appears in position 3 but other tasks are moved as well (Update Job Ticket moves to position 2, and multiple subsequent tasks are moved to position 3).

If I were to press OK here, many problems occur, such as previously defined variables being renamed to the same name and same value. So I just press cancel as I do nt want to mess this job up as it took me a long time to define the variables.

I am wondering if there are too many tasks in the job that is causing the problem? If so, is there an easier way to define multiple columns in a delimited file without having to use 40 variable tasks?



osirisja attached the following image(s):
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I assume you are using 6.1.2?

Could you export the Job and send to
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Hi Henrik

I am using 6.1.3 - sorry, thought I has said that in my post.

Sending the export now.

Please test this version. It should be a bit faster as well when changing order: 
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