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I have a job that includes 4 seperate tasks, and when I open VC, I get this
error messge for each one of the tasks.

"Could not add task: [Task Name], error: ForeignKeyConstraint
Constraint1 requires the child key values (4c77b1ef-b467-4558-927f-161a2c676bf4,
7b138cf-a1b6-4a88-be9b-d552999e9cfe) to exist in the parent table."

I don't have an expand option anymore to see the tasks in the parent job in the groups jobs window but when I open the job itself, they appear in the task tab.

The tasks are: 2 SQL Queries (basic selects, returns a single value), and 2 Emails that send each of the output values.

Now, the results of the SQL Queries don't get called for the email task (Email shows a blank where the value should show.

Seems like the query output value isn't being stored properly.
(Made sure the Store Standard Output check box is checked)

Strange. Any advice is much appreciated!
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I corrected the problem. I had previously set the 'on error' settings for a couple of the tasks to some different settings (if 1st email task errors, go to task 2nd email, instead of the entire job stopping) and I just changed all the 'on error' setting back to the default (Stop Job) and that corrected everything.

Still doesn't explain the error in technical terms and why it would cause that to happen.
Please upgrade as this is an issue that is fixed in latest version.
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I copied an existing job in order to create a new job. The new job is running fine on it's assigned schedule with no errors. When we open the Visual Cron client, we receive the same error as listed above.

Error adding Task

Could not add Task: (task name) error: ForeignKeyConstraint1 requires the child key values...

The job has only one task, to execute a script. It performs this task successfully on it's schedule.

I know you recommend that we upgrade to fix this error. You do not mention if, upon installing the upgrade, the error will automatically disappear, or if we will have to recreate the job.

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