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We would really appreciate if a right click -> Show Job ID/Show task ID option were available or the job ID/task ID was shown on screen in a copyable format.
At the moment it is not so easy to retrieve a Job ID/Task ID.
The ID is easily visible if you add the 'ID' option to the columns. Interface Tab, Set Columns, enable ID on either Task or Job.

Now, I can see it. Which is what you wanted. But what i'd really like (maybe this is what you meant) is a way to copy that ID to the clipboard, as i'd have to type it currently unless i'm missing something.

See screenshot.

bbusse attached the following image(s):
  •  al355
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Aha, looks perfect, didn't realise we could add this column, will test now. Thanks

Edit - It is good that it shows the ID but there definitely needs to be a way to copy the ID, typing those long strings reminds me of the days of entering Windows keys before the days of online activation 😞
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