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I'm wondering if this is expected behaviour: the "Exit code" of a task changes to "0" aka succesfull the moment it starts running. this means that if we monitor for failures, for tasks runs every hour, that based on the exist code changes from Failure to success for no reason (it never runs succesfully, even though the Task status does indicate it for a while?)
Server version is 7.1.9

Wouldn't it be more logical that an exit code is either unchanged untill the tasks actually exits, or that there is a specific exit code for when a taks is still running?

Now we don't know if it's really succesfull, or just still busy working towards failure...

All input very much appreciated!
I see what you mean and that is indeed the behavior. That we reset status while running. I see a couple of options for you:

1. you monitor for completed Tasks or Jobs instead, and get notified when the actually fail instead of each hour
2. when you monitor you exclude those that are running at them moment
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  •  rikh
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Thanks for the input, now i know that it's not a bug but a design choice i guess we'll work around it as you mention in option 2.
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