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I have 3 tasks as such:
1. Read File - reads the content of a file into standard output.
2. Email - this task has a condition on the previous task if Output Contains RJCT (rejection code we are looking for).
3. Delete File - remove the original file.
If the file contains the rejection code, then all Tasks are executed in sequence. If the file does not contain the rejection code, then task 2 and 3 are not executed. It would make sense that task 2 is not executed since the condition was not satisfied, but it seems like the last task to delete the file should still be executed. No matter what I have tried editing the Flow, I cannot get the last task to execute.
Hi Dan, welcome to the forum!

You have three tasks you say.
1) the read task is fine, it read a file and you cabn use the output of that task to do other things, like use it in a condition.
2) The email task should be a task sending an e-mail which will only run if the output of the previous task is RJCT. Setup a 'variable condition' to check if the value1: {TASK(PrevTask,StdOut)} equals '=' the value 2: RJCT. In the action of the condition you can set it up to on match all/any to continue the task (it will email), and the match none or error to go to the next task. You could exit if there is an error though. The flow of this task is the default. On success goto next task.
3) this task should alway run, so no conditions here.

This is how it must work. I think you missed the action part of the conditions.

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Thanks for the advice and this fixed my problem; on the second task (email if condition found), setting the "On Match None" to "Don't Wait" - "Run Task".
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