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We're currently running the VC's server in one machine then using a client VC to do changes if we want to. Now, we're currently planning in using several (4 VMs) virtual machines as our servers having one configuration/settings. The problem is VC doesn't have enough documentations on how to use this. I've seen a checkbox option for cluster but this feature is still vague. Can you please help me on how to do it?

4VMs having/using one settings/config. So if I adjusted something in settings in one machine then it will reflect to the other machines.

Your reply and support will be much appreciated!

Thank you so much!
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The checkbox is just for handling licensing. But you still need one license for each server.

The idea is that you install VC on each node but on on the same shared drive. When one node goes down another one will go up and load the same settings from the shared drive.
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Thank you sir for the swift response, getting the site license is worth it!

Our company is going to have more than 4thousand jobs running under VC so we're trying to get the maximum potential of VC on how to use it.
Can you please give us a detailed instruction on how to install a VC node in a server? Please bear with me as to I'm new with this one.

Thank you very much!
The steps are:

1. install VC on a shared drive on node 1
2. activate this node with your license
3. switch to node 2
4. install VC on the same shared drive
5. activate this node with your license
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