Please note that VisualCron support is not actively monitoring this community forum. Please use our contact page for contacting the VisualCron support directly.

Please note that moving servers (deactivating) is a support request and requires an active Maintenance.

If you install a new server and want to shift your license between servers, you can do that as follows:
1. Install the latest version of VisualCron on the new server. If you alreadyhave a license with maintenance, you can get the latest version. If however, you do not have the maintenace, you can install the version for which you already have the license. However, for best results it is always recommended to install the latest version to get the latest performance and feature upgrade and avoid known issues.
2. From your old server, open the VisualCron Client and Go to the ’File tab. Click ’Export Settings’ to save the existing Jobs and Tasks.
3. Import these settings on your new VisualCron server. If the import is successful, you can deactivate your old server using the ’License’ -> ’Deactivate’ option in the ’Information’ group. Please note that once you deactivate your old server, you will no longer be able to use it to export old settings or use any other feature.
4. Now activate your new server using the activation code from the old server by going to ’License’->’Activate’.


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