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We have set up a daily VisualCron job to fetch a set of files from a defined SFTP location. This job failed on Jan 22 and stayed inactive. I activated it and ran it on Jan 24, but it’s only updated the Jan 24 files.

So now there are two days of data missing in the portal for job dates: Jan 22 and Jan 23. I've read through the user manual but am unable to find the solution. Request your help on what steps I need to follow to run the job for the two missing dates.

Thank you.
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Hi Vega1, welkcome to the forum!

With the information given, there is no real solution to tell.
- How is your download task setup?
- Are the files from other dates still available on the SFTP server?

What you can do though is using the FTP explorer in the Tools section and open the SFTP connection.
You can see all the files on the SFTP server and you can download files to your local system.
You might find the missing files there.

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Thank you for your response. Our VCron download job (has multiple tasks in it) is not set up with any options to change the run date and re-run it manually. Is there any way of doing this?

The files from the other dates are available on the SFTP server and I can see them from Tools -> FTP Explorer -> SFTP connection. There are some bandwidth related challenges with downloading the files because I first need to RDP into our server, and then connect remotely to the SFTP server )-:

But let me give it another shot, and thank you for your help!

Kiran @ Vega1

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