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Kevin T
We need 2 sets of codes on our email body:

- List of file names in a specific local directory where a task dropped a file into
- File name of the file that got created from that task

The task that created the file is an "Excel - Convert" task based on a "File Trigger". When it's converted, it saves it as a CSV into a specified folder where I would need the list of all filenames & also the newly created file's name on an email.

The purpose is so when the file is created, it's put to a folder called Pending to do, and I need to send a notification email to the person in charge so that he can see the newest file generated, and also all the other pending ones that are currently in there. Please help, thanks!

Kevin T
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The Excel -- Convert task type does not appear to have any sort of output/result that lists the output file name anywhere.

However, in your situation... Is the output file name after conversion the same file name as the source file (trigger) only with a CSV extension instead? If so, what you could so is have a task Create a variable using the Triggered file name and with some manipulation of the variables, save a 'new' variable that is your proposed output file name. that way you can reference the variable in your e-mail output. The variable task would run every time the job was ran so you'd have a reference to the file used that time. Hopefully that makes sense.

Something like this: {TRIGGER(Active|LastTrigger|File.Result.Name)}

That being said, It might not be a bad idea to maybe suggest (Feature Request) that the output of the Excel - Conversion task lists the output file name at the resulting Output of the task.... or have a Generic task variable for 'Last Converted File'

The List Files task is all you'd need for your other requirement showing all the files in the folder. You'd use the variable referencing the output of your list files task to show the files in the folder in your e-mail.

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