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After upgrading our VC from 8.0.4 to 8.1.2, an FTPS connection that we use frequently will no longer connect. It now errors out with the message "Server cannot perform SSL/TLS negotiation" The server is a government FTP site that requires FTPS implicit connections on port 990.

I get the same error when I use VC's Connection Explorer. I've tried a brute force test for the connection, but it came up with nothing. The log_server file shows this:

8/10/2016 5:00:11 PM Err Unhandled FTP login error: SBSimpleFTPS.EElFTPSError: Server cannot perform SSL/TLS negotiation
at VisualCronService.ConnectionHandlerClass.Connect(ConnectionClass cc, Boolean OpenConnection, VariableReplacerClass variableReplacer, Boolean bolRaiseErrors) in C:\sourcefiles\code\VisualCronService\Jobs\ConnectionHandler\clsConnectionHandler.vb:line 726

I can connect and transfer files with FileZilla just fine. Here's a snippet of FileZilla's log showing the TLS negotiation:

07:35:02 Status: Connecting to
07:35:02 Status: Connection established, initializing TLS...
07:35:02 Trace: TLS Handshake successful
07:35:02 Trace: Protocol: TLS1.2, Key exchange: ECDHE-RSA, Cipher: AES-256-CBC, MAC: SHA384
07:35:02 Status: Verifying certificate...
07:35:02 Status: TLS connection established, waiting for welcome message...

Is there anything else I can check?
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Try going to the Connection and check only TLS version 1.2.
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Originally Posted by: Support 

Try going to the Connection and check only TLS version 1.2.

That got it working. Thank you!
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