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This is a common use case I came across on this site and is exactly what I need this service for but it doesn't seem to work for me as advertised:


"One real world example is how we use VisualCron ourselves for web automation. Every month a CSV statement which includes sales data are generated on their web site. They have no web service, or direct access to the files. Getting this file involves logging in, clicking around in the menu, selecting a date interval, clicking on a link and download a file. All this is done through our web recorder and once downloaded we parse this file and update our own database."

When I tried this VisualCron reaches the report download part and just seems to freeze. The report never gets downloaded into the local drive as recorded.

What might I be doing wrong? It seems like this is something VisualCron should not have any trouble accomplishing.

Thanks for the help!
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