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Deployment automation is a huge deal for my company. We deploy some 100-200 application to our environment daily. We have automation tools for handling the deployments and have even written our own VisualCron console app interface to automate the creation of simple tasks on our task servers. Now that we are becoming more dependent on complex triggers and mixed and many task steps it would be nice if we could create a ZIP file on a staging server that has the complete config for any given job and attach it to the Nuget pkg that we deploy. Then we could use powershell to do a VisualCron command line import of that job into the target task server. I think this would be a valuable feature addition to your product for those using heavy deployment automation.
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Hey Robbie,
I would be super interested if you found a nuget package for VCRON, we limping along dealing with it manually at the moment. Could you send me a link if you did find one?
Thanks for your help!
This has been out there for awhile. Is there now a way to import a job zip (everything in the zip) from the command line? VCCommand still does not list that as an option. Even having a job task that could import zips from a folder would help us out with automation.

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