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VisualCron 8.2.9. In the image below, you see my test job consisting of 3 tasks. All it does is read a file, and write it back out with a line added to the bottom. Note the last task is deactivated, which simply sends an e-mail. On the right you see the flow for the write file task. If the write file task fails (like when I make the file read-only), the on-error event is caught and the flow action goes to the Email task and runs it, even though it is deactivated.


Is this by design or a bug?

We have two camps at work, one that would expect a deactivated task to never run and thinks this is a bug, and one that expects this is by design so control would only go to email if there is an error.

Please settle the debate!

Thank you
As we have thought about it is that if you explicitly set that you want to run something, through Flow or Job/Task control, then you really want to override any deactivated Task or Job. This can be compared to when you run a Job and you have have some inactive Tasks. They will then not run because you did not tell explictly that you wanted to run that Task - but if you right click on an inactive Task and run it you explictly want to run it even if it is inactive.

We are open to adding override options here later but this is the way we thought about this.
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