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We're looking for a way to prevent a job from running during a specific time window. In our case, we care about the NY Stock Exchange trading hours. So we would like to prevent a job from running from 9:30am - 4:00pm EST.
We tried using Time Exceptions but that only prevents a regular schedule from triggering the job, we want to prevent manual triggering (ie. accidental) as well.

Any ideas?
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I see, no, TIme exceptions only, currently, prevents sheduled Jobs. I am mvoing this topi to Feature requests.
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+1 for this as well.
I have this same scenario were I can't have an operator accidentally kick off a job. I have implemented a partial fix with a condition that has a variable that is updated by a control job at certain times / days. This obviously doesn't totally prevent manual execution because you can ignore conditions pretty easily so I see some great value in a full blackout option.

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