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I would like to figure out an easy way for the system to identify the last (and current) business day. I can create a list of time exception for our specific holidays but I am not sure how to reference the “last business day”. For example:

1. Lets say that the 20th was a holiday. I would like a variable to read the last business day on today the 23rd as the 19th.
2. At the same time, lets say that the 20th is not a holiday since it isn’t, and on today the 23rd (or even Saturday or Sunday) I would like it to know that the 20h was the last business day.

Then create a variable like {-1(workday)} for the last day of business. This is helpful for when tasks need to run on Monday but send Friday's date OR when there is a holiday.

Another way is to provide a calendar UI where you can select the days of operation (mass un-select weekends ).

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