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I have multiple jobs that are manually ran throughout the day. Each job can only be ran once per day. I've had a few instances in the past where a job was inadvertently called a second time and all hell broke loose.

I would like to add some type of check that would compare the 'Last Run Date' with current date and, if equal, stop the job. I'm not sure if a condition or a task at the start would be appropriate.

Would you want to warn if the job has already been run? Popup a message or send an e-mail? Or just silently stop? The actions you want to take depending on if it has been run or not may dictate the best way. Please supply some more info on the process.
Popup or email is fine, as long as the job isn't ran if already ran for the day, and provided the popup doesn't continue the job.

The jobs themselves are basic. Once a few processes outside VisualCron are ready, we call the VC job with tasks that execute programs, FTP program output, then write results to a file. So we need something at the very beginning of each VC job that does the current/last run date check.
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