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We're running two VisualCron Servers with approx 100 Jobs. But if i connect to a specific host the client hangs.
On command line a telnet to this host/port works. On our old VisualCron instance (8.2.6) this connection works.

If i create a new connection to e.g. in explorer the remote server answers and requests a user and pw.
If i change this hostname to and try to connect the client hangs immediately without any line in the server log.

Any hints?

Regards, Martin
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It is a little bit unclear what you mean by client. It first sounds like when you say it is about 100 Jobs that you are talking about problem connecting from VisualCron Client to VisualCron Server. Then you start talking about FTP - and I wonder if it is related to the Connection Explorer window. Please be more clear on this.
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GDC IT Support
Hi Henrik,

I tried to explain that the server is running fine with about 100 Jobs. But there is a single host which I'm not able to connect.

I'm connected to the VisualCron server via RDP diectly (if I use a local installed client the effect is same).
To check if there is a firewall blocking I telnet on a command line to the adress port 21.
I create a new connection (ftp ssl explicit auth ssl) with the name minubo and the address - everything else is default.
Then I start the connection explorer, select the connection above and try to connect (right mouse click -> connect). Immediately the client hangs, the select window (add Connection/Properties/connect/Folder browser) is still open. After some seconds the Window shows "keine Rückmeldung" (= no response) in the headline.
This stays forever, after some minutes I kill the client with the taskmanager.

If there is a problem with the remote server I expect any message shown, but a freeze?

Ok, so the problem is with the Connection Explorer. It should not hang - can you export the Connection and send to so we can reproduce the hang? Also, please install Filezilla and turn on verbose logging and connect - then send us the log so we can see details on how it connects from there.
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