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Brad Bornemeier
I have been using Visual Cron Basic 7.1.3 and just installed 9.1.5 Pro on a new server. Is there way to copy the Groups/jobs from the basic license to the new Pro? I would like not to have to re-setup everything.
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On the basic version, go to file/Export settings. Place a check on every category you want to backup and press start after entering in a path. On the Pro version, File/Import settings and select the same file.

CAVEAT: Job and task IDs imported will be those from the basic version server. if you only import certain jobs/tasks into another server, they could overwrite current job/task IDs silently. Do this carefully!!!! We learned this the hard way when moving jobs from a test server to a prod server.

I wouldn't expect an issue on importing into a brand new system, but use caution when importing single jobs/tasks from one server to another. It is really not intended to be used this way. Myself and others have requested a change to warn if on copy/paste (or import) a job/task ID was already in use offer to change it but I do not believe this was ever implemented. :-(

There is also a task for backing up settings that you may want to make part of your default group as well. Internal/export settings.
Goes along with another job that deletes older backups after a set period of time. This has saved us more than once!
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