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Jon Tofte-Hansen
On an SFTP server a file is not locked or otherwise marked as unfinished during processing.

There is a risk that a remote file trigger will trigger before the triggering file is fully written. One can easely test, that an upload of a large file to SFTP will trigger a remote file trigger before the upload has finished, and you risk download an unfinished file.

To handle this problem VisualCron by default has a "Wait for file being released" feature. The documentation states: "The Trigger will monitor a new file for modify date. If modify date has not changed since last check the Trigger will fire 'Created' event."

This would have worked if modify/changed date were changed at each write operation. But this is not the case - at least on my companies two SFTP hosts. The file size changes but the modify date is only changed at creation time and when the operation has finished.

I propose to expand the "Wait for file being released" feature to check for file size changes as well.
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Yes, I think this would be a good feature, too. I was searching the forum on remote file triggers, and I came across this. Comparing date/times on the server doesn't really capture all the possible changes. Adding file size would help.
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