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I have a situation where I'd like to update some stuff automatically, and unfortunately I don't have an API available to do it, so I'm resorting to a Web Macro task. I have a macro working, but not quite how I want it to. These are the steps:

  1. Go to a URL
  2. Type in username
  3. Type in password
  4. Hit enter and then wait 10 seconds
  5. Click on menu button
  6. Type name of screen to load
  7. Hit enter and then wait 10 seconds for the screen to load
  8. Select values in two separate drop-down lists
  9. Click the "next" button
  10. Populate a form (10 different fields)
  11. Click the "next" button

The problem I'm having is that all of that takes maybe 30 to 40 seconds, largely because of the two 10-second waits I had to add to make sure it doesn't go to the next step before the screen loads. When doing this once, it's no big deal, but when I need to do it 1000 times, that REALLY extends the time, not to mention the fact that there's a bunch of steps that are only necessary the first time, so it adds a LOT of places for potential errors. What I want to do is put a loop around just the last two steps listed above, because once it's logged in and on the right screen, those are the two that need to be repeated. But as it stands, I can't see a way to do that, so I have to put the entire macro in a loop. If I assume 30 seconds per iteration, and 1000 iterations, that's 30000 seconds, or just over 8 hours. But if I could put the loop just around the last two steps, that'd be maybe 2 seconds per iteration, which brings the total time down to
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I hit "save" too soon. The last bit is supposed to be "which brings the total time down to just over half an hour".
Michael Fjellström
Originally Posted by: jrtwynam 

I hit "save" too soon. The last bit is supposed to be "which brings the total time down to just over half an hour".

What company do you belong to? If you belong to a company that has an active maintenance I can set you up so it doesn't show you as free user and you can receive forum support from our visualcron staff as well.
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