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Wilfred Pascasio

TaskDebugging ConditionsArray Id JobId Order Name Description StoreSTDOut Store
------------- --------------- -- ----- ----- ---- ----------- ----------- -----
False {} 12d86739-c762-484d-ae68-fad3ab71c756 1 CPNI Notifications True True

the data that I am looking for is in the job flow window under the job flow control box the run notification field

This output comes under the field Name but when I tried to run a powershell script to pull this field I am unable to match the object name.

$Jobs = $server.Jobs.GetAll() | Where-Object {$_.Name -eq "Workers"}
$JobInfo += @{"StepID" ="";"StepType" = $JobStep.TaskType;StepName = $JobStep.Name;"StepConnection" = $Connection}

write-output "------------------------------------------"

write-output $($Jobs.Flow | Format-Table)
write-output "------------------------------------------"

$notifs = $server.Notifications.GetAll()
write-output $notifs.Task | Format-Table
$notifs.Task | Where-Object {$ -in $($Jobs.Flow | select -Property Id)} | Format-Table
write-output "------------------------------------------"
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