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I need assistance and pointers on how to set conditions, triggers, and calendar based upon data from a nightly batch file. The results need to be stored in a variable and/or used to set a trigger(s) to run other jobs and/or used to set conditions.

I attempted using a powershell script, but am not sure how to save the output to a variable(s), trigger a job, and/or set conditions. I also tried using the readfile task to compare the output, but am not sure how to compare substrings within the file.

Any Help? I am open to all ideas and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

~~~Background information~~~
We retrieve a file via FTP/SFTP from our source system to determine if it has finished processing for the day. In this file, it also contains the following.
- Next dates jobs will run
- Previous dates will ran
- Days from and till End of Month / End of quarter

~~~Other Good information to know~~~
- Calendar exception dates have been set in the group.
- Job runs nightly. Completion time will vary each night due dependencies on other applications and processes.

Forum information
Did you figure this out?
I am also stuck on how to save the Read File output to a variable.
I found in another topic the following syntax to get the Read File output

However, this does NOT work for Robot tasks while running in 'Test Run' mode.

I do not know why, but my guess is since the Robot task is the 'task' and 'Read File' is an 'action' within the Task, then there is some other syntax to get the Standard Out of a Robot Action. I do not know what that syntax is.
Joey S
I would need a lot more info to describe a precise way but I am tending to think you would use GREPL if it is really complex

alternatively, you could try to use the Flow for a task. Such as...
in your file to be read, if Line 17 is always what you want to look at, you could setup a Read FIle Task
then the flow would be set to IF Line 17 contains "XYZ" then Do Task #2.

Again, it is a vague question

I would start here maybe

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