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I am trying to get help from the visual cron support team. My two tickets are pending for 3 weeks. It looks like they have serious issues with the team after they were acquired by SMA. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?
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That is discouraging, but I have no directly relevant experience to report. I haven't needed Visualcron support (well, let me amend that...I've found it simpler to keep using my Dropbox workaround than to keep bothering them about fixing their token handling) since their policy change to handling support through email tickets only.

The forum, with its mix of community involvement and open reference to officially solved problems, has always been one of my favorite things about Visualcron, so ever since forum support quality started dwindling I've switched from being a strong advocate to my managers for continuing our maintenance to being the strongest voice of "we should really be prepared for the possibility of using something else." So long as their ticketing system is not at least partly publicly browsable, I consider the change even more actively hostile to the community than the forum upgrade in 2020 and the widget.
In fairness, I should acknowledge that I believe I remember seeing a post from them a little while back saying that operations were somewhat disrupted by the resulting reorganization and that they expected support to become more responsive again eventually.
Michael Fjellström
We are very much alive - it has been a little bit of disruptions lately, but it is our highest priority as of now to get that sorted, and we are nearly there to have everything back and stabilized again, so you will, and should expect your usual quality support with a quick response time, or rather, once we have this sorted out, it will be even quicker response time as well as replies focusing to solve the issue as quick as possible. There are a couple of changes coming there which will help a lot with that.

I sincerely apologize to those customers who has been waiting for unreasonable long on some tickets. It is not everyone who has had to wait, but rather a select few , yet still too many for the standards we seek to uphold when it comes to providing our customers with support. We do realize the importance of it - in particular when it comes to production-related issues.

All in all - rest assured it will only get better from now on and that this has been nothing but a slight hiccup.
Siobhann Steindorf
I say yes....

I submitted a ticket on Monday because both of our VC servers just quit working. We restarted the servers, which we do every 2 weeks. Now the client isn't recognizing the service and our SQL connections are broken. We've been down for 3 days with no response.

This is not okay and we are looking for a new provider.
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