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Brian Baker
I have noticed some odd results and I THINK I know why, but wanted to get some behavior confirmation from others.

It appears that the variable Task(PrevTask) refers to whatever task was last run by VisualCron, even if that is from another job, not always to the task that immediately preceeds it in the task list. It usually does, but I think this is more a result of the immediately preceding task usually also being the last one executed by VisualCron.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior? It is certainly possible I'm wrong and have something else going on, but I'd like to have some confirmation so I know which direction to go in.
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I haven't seen this myself. I hope it is wrong, as it would make the PrevTask variable completely ramdom and useless. In what cases do you see this behaviour?
Brian Baker
I have a task that downloads/uploads SFTP files. Immediately after that, I am writing a log that contains the stdout of the FTP task. That task uses PrevTask to reference the output (so I can reuse the log write task after any FTP task). Sometime the stdout values referenced by PrevTask don't correspond to the output from the FTP task. (I also have a conditional so it only runs the log task if there is output from the FTP task, using a simple If PrevTask has output condition).

I hope that all made sense.
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