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Hi, We have some jobs that whilst an individual task might fail we want allow the job to continue to next task. However, we still need visualcron to highlight fact it failed.

Yes we can generate an email notification for failure but these are very easy to miss and not everyone is on distaribution list etc.

We ideally want to keep notifications in one place - VisualCron itself - we want the failure to show up in failed Jobs log but I can't see any way of doing this because we are allowing job to continue to next task.

I thought maybe I could set / update a job variable if task erred and then have a last task to evaluate that variable and that would be forced to fail (maybe calling a non existent job etc) depending on it's result. Therefore a failure could be logged that way but I can't see how I can do it. It wouldn't be overly clean & tidy but it may have worked.

Any other ideas welcome.

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Joey S
The easiest way I can think of would be like this

Task 1. Run task - task fails
Flow - IF Error go to Next Task (task #2)
- IF task does not fail go to Task #3
Task 2. Write Error Output from previous log - ie some sort of text file (append to file)
Task 3. Whatever you want it to do next

Then you can set another task later to archive the log from Task2 or email it or whatever you want
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