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Is there a way to trigger a job only once all, of several, files have been updated? We have one job that currently runs at a specific time and the first step of the job is to validate if all the files, which come from different places, have been updated since yesterday. Is there a way to trigger the job the moment the last file comes in whatever it may be? And then send an email out if they haven't arrived by a certain time?
Hmm..the Trigger react right away. I am thinking about workarounds like you could create a file in a folder or set a value. Then you could check, through a Condition is that file/value exists. Not optimal but could work.

There is a timeout value on a Trigger. You can decide what to do when it expires. Also, you could combine it with a Time Trigger. So, if your newly created file/value does not exist you could use a Condition to run another Job or Task.

Also, various Tasks have the File filter. You could use it to filter files created only within a certain date. Let say you create a separate Job that runs, through a time trigger once every day. And if it does not find any file within the date you could send an email or something.

It is hard to find a solution for this - mostly workarounds. 😒
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