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I'm fairly new to using the API on version 8.5.5. I'm trying to create a utility task that will let me search for a table or column name in the SQL command of a SQL task if that task is a type of "Text". The following snippet works, but the property "Command" is blank and from the documentation I see that is deprecated and to use "EncryptedCommand" instead. However, that gives me a big column of numbers. How to decrypt that so I can search the resulting string?

# Get all the jobs
    $jobs = Get-AllVCJobs
    Foreach ($job in $jobs)
            $tasks = $job.Tasks # Get the Jobs' Tasks
            Foreach ($task in $tasks)
              $sq = $task.SQL
              if ($task.TaskType -eq "SQL" -and $sq.CommandType -eq "Text")
                 Write-Output ("Job: " + $job.Name + "  Task: " + $task.Name )
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I figured it out. Call the server's decrypt method. So line 12 in my snippet should look like below assuming you saved the server connection in $server:


However, sometimes the returned text contains a variable name. So now to figure out how to follow that to it's text....
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