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I'm looking to set up a loop to run Job/Task Control, and target jobs that need to be ran based on a list of Job IDs.

Currently in 8.2.5 and 8.5.5 the only way to choose a Job or Task to be targeted for Run/Stop/Activate/Inactivate/etc. Is through the drop down menus for Job and Task.

Is there an updated version that allows Jobs and Tasks to be targeted based on their unique IDs?

Or is there a future feature planned that would allow this to work?
Part of my routine for handling planned and unplanned maintenance events involves using the API to write Run Job tasks for the jobs that will be / have been missed, so I know the API can do it when creating a new task. I've never tried changing the job a task invokes or trying to refer to a variable - I think they're usually deliberate about turning ON variable expansion, so I doubt that would work, but changing the $task.JobTaskControl.JobID and then writing it back to the server probably would if you don't need to specify any variables.

Of course, I've also only ever used the API to add jobs and not to modify existing ones, come to think of it.
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