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Danny van Oijen
Hi all,

I want to use this command:
C:\BIND\dig MX +short | sort | head -1

I downloaded the windows binaries and set the environment variable for these.

When i do this in the OS itzelf (Windows Server 2019) it is ok, i get the output as expected.
When doing this in visualcron as a execute task it gives me an error:

Invalid option: -1
Usage:  dig [@global-server] [domain] [q-type] [q-class] {q-opt}
            {global-d-opt} host [@local-server] {local-d-opt}
            [ host [@local-server] {local-d-opt} [...]]

Use "dig -h" (or "dig -h | more") for complete list of options
Exception in Task: Non zero exit code
Exit code (1) description: Incorrect function.

When using only
C:\BIND\dig MX +short | sort

It outputs but it does not sort, it outputs randomly.
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