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Martijn Starrenburg

I have a feature request.
I would like to have a possibility (task) to reinitialize a trigger file list after a trigger has been disabled?

Let me explain:
Sometimes a trigger has been disabled due a valid reason (connection lost with server)
I am able to reactivate the trigger (by a task in a job) but as soon as I reactivate the trigger there are still remaining files on the source and these files are never picked up. New files are picked up but the remaining files are never picked up.

There is a manual workaround.
When I goto the Job, to the trigger and goto remote file test tab and press 2 times the OK button (leaving the job) the file list has been reinitialized and the remaining files are picked up by the next job trigger.

It would be nice if we could get a task to do the same.

This makes it possible that after reactivating a trigger all remaining files are picked up with manual intervention.

Could this task be implemented in the next release?

Tkanks and with kind regards
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