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Scott Kemmeries
I have a task that should always have something in the Output (standard). When it does not have anything (i.e., the client shows the Output as "No output") I want to re-run that task, but I can't get a Flow to work that does this.

I have a Flow to run a notification on no output, and that works successfully:
On complete
If other value
Type = String
Condition = Equal (=)
Value/Variable = 0
Task flow control = Run Notification

But, if I change the flow control to Wait and retry task, it doesn't do anything. If I change it to Go to Task (and for this test only I create that second task), it runs that second task every single time whether the first task had output or not.

So, how can I get this to work?
Danny van Oijen

Value/Variable = 0
choose not 0 but
does that work?

Another approach could be to use a loop for the whole job.
Loop while x.....

Or if you know what you are expecting maybe you could use a regex for that?
Scott Kemmeries
We are doing a RowCount, so the value will always be an integer; it will never be null. Regardless, why would the Run Notification work with the value of 0, but not the Wait and retry task, or Go to Task? I assume the Task flow control would only actioned upon if the Task Condition is true. Therefore, it shouldn't matter what logic is used to in the Task Condition as long as is "passes," and we know it passes because Run Notification works. And it shouldn't matter which option on the Task flow control is chosen, but for some reason it does.
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