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Hello everyone,
we are having an issue with one drive connections. We are using the following setup:
We are currently on Version 9.3.0.
We did set up one azure App for authenticating our Connections with Microsoft.
When authenticating a connection the user has to log in via MFA.
UserA is member of GroupA. UserA created a ConnectionA which is accessible for members of GroupA.
UserB is member of GroupB. We have a ConnectionB which is accessible for members of GroupB.
This is how the connections look like later, as admin I can see all connections, users can only use and see their own. Multiple connections are using the same App.
When userA tries to access the files in his One Drive via his ConnectionA it may happen, that userA can see the One Drive contents of a colleague, userB. Even though he inserted his ConnectionA within the task the content of ConnectionB is shown.

If userA edits his connection and authenticates again, he will now see his own One Drive contents (but userB may now see his).

How can this behavior be explained and how do we challenge this problem? Is using multiple Azure Apps, one for each connection, a solution?
This is relevant for us as well. Could somebody please give support on this question?
Pavel Support
Can you please elaborate a bit?
What kind of a subscription you are using?
Do userA and userB belong to the same AAD?
And regarding an app you've created: is it a single-tenant, or multi-tenant?

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Sure, thank you for your reply.

userA and userB are probably both in the same AAD and we are using a sigle tenant for all colleges from our company.
I am convinced that both are also in the same AAD but since I am not an O365 admin I am not 100% sure about the last part.
In general userA and userB are pretty much the same. The only difference between them is that they are members of different groups in VC and both have their own OneDrive-Connection in VC.
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