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We have done a fresh install of 9.8.5 with a view to porting over all our jobs which currently run fine on 8.5.5.

When we imported all settings in one go, a lot of the SQL jobs wouldn't run at all, as it seemed there were now credentials issues. We cleared down and imported just the jobs again with the credentials and connections still in place and some will now run - we were assuming that perhaps the import order has screwed things up - jobs created before connections / credentials perhaps? However anything with a SQL trigger will still not run.

Using the same connection and credential that a SQL task uses and that will run, it fails to run the trigger : Connection Failed when connecting in Trigger

When we look at the log files it seems like the trigger is trying to logon to SQL as DOMAIN\MACHINENAME$ even though the credential is explicitly telling it what to try and logon as.

A Trigger was inactivated due to an error: System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException (0x80040E4D): Login failed for user 'DOMAIN\MACHINENAME$'.
at VisualCronService.SQLAPI.RunOLEDBQuery

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This is still an issue with 9.9.5. It seems like the (forced) upgrade from 8.5.5 has broken a lot of things relating to SQL - we wouldn't have upgraded except the old version was having TLS issues with third party APIs - could do with some feedback from support on this and the other separate SQL issue as porting to new version is causing us a lot of issues.
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