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Allan Pedersen
We recently upgraded to version 9.9.0
This caused one of our jobs to fail, with exit code 255

"Exit code (255) description: The extended attributes are inconsistent."

Task that fails is to run a .bat file (this triggers an excel macro).

The job has been executed with no errors for years, but fails every time on version 9.9.0. No changes to job/task has been made.

Running the bat file directly from the server (same user as the job / task (also no changes) is done without any issues. It is not a credentials / access issue.

Anyone else seen anything like this?
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9.9.0 seems to be broken in many ways. Many of the variables fail, which renders that version pretty useless in my opinion. I would downgrade asap i were you:)
Allan Pedersen
Thanks Thomas - that does not sound very well at all - is there any official statements about this?
Not that I know of. You could try the 9.9.5 beta version though. I haven't tested it myself
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