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Eddie Kumar

We often need to pass credentials (username & password) as argument when calling a SQL stored procedure, especially in cases where we cannot use the "Integrated Security" / Windows-Authentication. Currently the passwords that we pass in as string arguments are exposed to all VisualCron users and testers (which is not secure).

Is there a way to pass passwords securely as arguments in VisualCron please.

I noticed something similar was requested 14 years ago as a requirement of "Credential Variables" in the following post " ":

"Credential Variables - to allow access to the credentials stored within VisualCron. Usage example would be when executing a script that need's to pass on credentials we currently have to include usernames / passwords in the arguments string which exposes them, but also adds an admin overhead when a password changes that's used in a lot of tasks.

The "User defined Variables" (if used as credentials) also expose the passwords as string and are not secure.
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