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Matt Peden
I see when mapped network drives are referenced in a task they are automatically converted to the UNC name of the share mapped. I have imported a job file from my 9.3.0 installation where the Mapped Network drives are being referenced in the tasks and not the UNC's. When these jobs run they fail for location not found. When I open the task and look at the field with the mapped network drive I find that VisualCron automatically replaces with the UNC. If I just close out the task and re-run the job it executes fine. Is there a method or procedure I can execute to update the import file to reflect the UNC names prior to importing so that I do not have to manipulate every task in every job before activating the server with the new version?
Matt Peden
It looks like if I take the export and unzip it then I can manipulate the JOBS.xml file and do a find/replace where I have a drive letter replace it with \\{ServerName} and then rezip the export and run an import of the zip file into 9.9.6 that may resolve my issue. Is this the preferred/recommended approach or is there another means?
Matt Peden
I have confirmed that exporting, modifying xml, and then reimporting the jobs seems to resolve my issue with mapped network drive references from older VisualCron versions in version 9.9.6.
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