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Jon Tofte-Hansen

When a task runs multiple times with the same executionid but the outputs (standard/error) in the runs are different, the GUI only shows the first output.

Example: we have a job with an Error flow that retries the task multiple times on an error. When we open the error output we can choose all outputs from a specific day in the drop-down in the upper left corner. This is very handy, but if multiple outputs come from the same execution (eg. when a retry flow is used), the output text doesn't change. Only the first output us shown.

The picture shows the drop-down with four failed runs (all on one executionid) and one succesful (another executionid). If we choose the succesful run we see the correct output (from 23:48:31). If we choose any of the failed runs we get the same output (the output of the run at 23:47:55):

But we can see in the tasklogs table in the logdb, that the four outputs from the failed execution were not the same.

We have traced the SQL, and we can see that all outputs are fetched, so it looks like the output (both standard and error) for some reason is only grouped on the executionid in the GUI and not also on the run time.

We have not been able to test this on later versions.

Thank you.
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