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I generated with SHA256 openssh key pair using ssh-keygen. The public key (.pub) was sent our counterparty to which I want to do sftp Get. The private key file is called the standard "id_rsa" generated from ssh-keygen. To create the sftp task I created a connection of Type "SFTP(SSH - Secure Shell)" to link with the SFTP Task in the Job. In Edit Connection->Authentication Tab, under "Public Key" which I believe is the where I select the the Private Key from a drop down of keys, which I believe needs to be added in the "SSH Keys" menu form.

To enter the the private Key in the "Manage SSH Keys" I click "Import private key" and select the key file from a drive. My key file I selected was named "id_rsa" and entered the passphrase for the keys. and got error 3330 Invalid Private Key, I also renamed it to "id_rsa.key" which gave an unhandled exception which I emailed the error report when prompted.

What am I doing wrong to import a openssh private key generated ssh-keygen on Windows, It's not putty or anything else. ?

Thank you

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Michael Fjellström
This has been resolved via email support ticket.
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