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I have 3 servers where Visualcron is installed. Last month I upgraded our Dev environment from 9.9.10 to 9.9.12. Everything went as planned and the server was signed off by the end user.

This week I upgraded our staging and production environments by downloading a new copy of 9.9.12 to each server.
Almost immediately, deployment failures were reported with vccommand.exe.

After more digging, we found the DEV executable was 10MB in size and ran successfully from the command line. (ver.
However, the executable which was newly deployed was only 200KB in size and failed to run from the command line. (ver.

When I checked the packages, I found minor version differences, and the executables deployed matched the package they came from.
This means the current downloadable package has an invalid executable included.

Luckily, I had a working server/package to pull from, but some users may not be that lucky.

This is an FYI to anyone that uses the vccommand.exe command to interface with the API.

Please fix this at your earliest convenience.

Thanks in advance.
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