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The other night, VC jobs were operating normally. At 6:20PM, we ran a task to create a SQL transaction log dump - success. The machine that VC runs on restarted at 6:25PM and after the restart, subsequent SQL jobs failed - the output appeared to a disorganized jumble of statements. The VC job logs do not show those jobs that failed ever ran. I did grab screen shots of the output error.

The machine VC was running on could not be restarted at that time, so I attempted to restart the VC service. It seemed that the service restart resolved the problem and subsequent SQL backups and queries worked again.

Wednesday during the day, we noted that notifications were not being received. In reviewing tasks and related notification configuration, we found ALL notifications were gone. The VC startup file showed the notifications could not be loaded. I was able to restore a copy of the machine VC runs on, perform a backup of all settings and then restored just the notifications to the machine. All functionality restored.

Tonight (Thursday), a scheduled task ran at 7:30PM and notified me via email of the SQL query results. It was scheduled to run again at 8:00PM, but that time the email task in the job failed (SQL task succeeded). I tried to manually run the email task, and the error occurred again. At that point I restarted the VC service and once again, after doing that, the job and email tasks worked as expected. it worked again at 8:30PM.

All three of my VC installations have been working well over the years - this is the first time I've encountered problems like this. I'm attaching screen shots of the errors received when attempting SQL tasks, the email task from tonight and a screenshot of where jobs executed, but were not logged and did not work (SQL tasks). If you need additional logs, please specify logs and locations. Thanks.

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