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We have an Azure storage account that holds blob storage with which some data is zero byte size. We have a VisualCron job setup to download data from the blob store however this job will fail with "Exception in Task: HTTP request failed with code 416, message is The range specified is invalid for the current size of the resource." when it hits a file with zero bytes.

If we manually purge the files that are zero in file size prior to the job running the download completes successfully.

If we create a remote file filter for the task to exclude files smaller than 1 byte the job still fails as Visual Cron doesn't appear to be able to read the properties of the blob files to determine the file size.

How can we instruct visual cron to ignore zero byte size files from Azure blob storage please?

Whats just as confusing, if we run connection explorer to view the remote blob files it shows file sizes, however when we test within the download job it just shows paths and a total size of NA in the footer.
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