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Bill French
We have been working user workstations to Azure AD joined, as opposed to traditional Active Directory joined.

The users are not able to connect the VisualCron client to the the VC server, which is traditionally AD joined. AD auth works on tranditionally AD joined workstations.

When attempting to connect, a window pops with the correct SAMAccountName (bill.french in my case) and it prompts for a password, but the password doesn't work, and i'm 100% sure i know my password.

Any thoughts/suggestions? I did open a case with support.
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Wil Dobson
I recently uncovered this issue myself, with a new cloud native laptop running my VC client and using Azure AD for auth, and the host yet on our on-prem AD. Error messages in the server logs indicated my SID was different between the on-prem AD and the Azure AD so auth was declined (or it kept asking for me to reauthenticate).
I reached out to support and they said they don't currently support azure ad auth, and I could submit a feature request.

Which I will. Thought i'd respond to your post however.

Bill French
I really appreciate it. I haven't heard back from support yet but I suspect it'll be the same.

The choices i see are:
1. VC client as an RDP remote app
2. Using VC logins

You got any other ideas?
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