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Justin Wilson
Ever since we upgraded our four environments from 9.9.12 to 10.0.1 (Dev, QA, Stage, Prod), our clients lock up and go into a "not responding" state after making the simplest change such as attempting to edit a task, or even just opening a task by double-clicking on it. When it goes into this state, it takes several minutes of just letting it sit to be responsive again. We have found that restarting the VC service on the server will resolve this for a little while (few hours?). So far, we have attempted to resolve by uninstalling and reinstalling the server app.

The freeze up happens on both the client on our laptops and the client within the server. Server CPU/RAM utilization does not spike when the freeze happens.

Any ideas?
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Hi Justin,
I'm experiencing that behaviour too (with version 10.0.1)..."a not responding" behaviour... but when making changes to "connections"..."credentials"..."testing a connection". Editing tasks for me seems to be normal.

I'm running VisualCron 10.0.1 in a VMware ESXi 6.5 environment (planning an upgrade to ESXi 8.0 in the fall). I do see a momentary spike in the virtual CPU usage (with the Windows 10 images running VisualCron version 10.0.1), when i try to make those changes..and I get the "not responding" behaviour.

I've been testing increasing the "reserved" number of virtual CPUs...with varying degrees of success... seems to "fix" the problem... then it returns. Testing with 2 to 3 to 4 virtual CPUs.

Did you get you get this problem resolved (what was the fix)?

I have also been having the same issue with my 10.0.1 client. I did check in the computer's event log and was seeing "Not enough quota is available to process this command" errors. Are you seeing the same errors or is my issue unique. Support did respond with a link to a Microsoft article basically saying to close some other programs.

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