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When configuring jobs (and/or tasks) we often need to register some metadata about the job. That could be who is the owner, contact email for notifications, path of data files, etc. This could be obtained by a new metadata feature or simply by allowing to create "Job local" variables, that can then be accessed from all tasks in the job and global notifications too.

The information should be easy accessibly like



Currently there is not easy way to register this (except for in the description, that would then have to be parsed manually). Global variables will not work here, since... well they are global :-)

If a local variable uses the same name as a global variable you could consider whether it should cause an error or simply override the global value for that specific job context.

A simple use case that we really need, is that when a job fails we have a global notification and we need the error log file from the job to be attached and the job contact to be notified. However, there is currently no way of getting the path or any custom attribute data of the failed job. We could create custom notification for every single job in our system, but that does not scale and is not maintainable.

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